Time to look at misjudgements about good intervention. UK Guardian Editorial 2013.

Time to look at misjudgements about good intervention. UK Guardian Editorial 2013.

[Last Updated by Lara Keller 12/6/17]

Typical Guardian Editorial from 2013. Arguments for not adequately arming the Syrian opposition. It fails to acknowledge the difference between good and bad intervention. The West spent 13 times more bombing Libya, than was spent reconstructing it. The absolute minimum was done to create a functioning army, capable of providing security in post revolution Libya. good intervention is about providing and enabling services to the people of a country. Removing the psychopaths, providing security, ensuring access to food and shelter, expanding representative government, creating a functional judicial system to provide alternative route to resolving disputes about resource allocation, based on a transitional constitution designed to encourage stability and promote dialogue.




Assad’s UK Apologist’s [2013] part 2

Assad’s UK Apologist’s [2013] part 2

[Last Updated by Lara Keller 12/6/17]

More Assad allies from 2013. Uses a cartoon from the 1930s that satirizes the similarities in outlook between the extreme right and extreme left. John Rees is a leading member of the UK’s Stop The War Coalition (highjacked by the extreme left from 2003 onwards), and Pam Geller is a leading American extreme right Islamophobe. This cartoon is not an expression of Godwin’s Law, which is over used to the extent that relevant parallels from the 1930s are being overlooked.


The Dark Side Of “Charlie Hebdo” and the leftist wing of “Islamophobic” movement.

Informed article on the dark side of “Charlie Hebdo” and the leftist wing of “Islamophobic” movement.
“The appearance of the ‘Islamist danger’
Charlie Hebdo began to focus on the alleged threat Muslim movements represent at the end of year 2003. Before that, this was not quite clear and it was all mixed up with a global animosity towards all kinds of religious beliefs.
However, on October 23, 2002, an article surprised the readers of the weekly. Philosopher Robert Misrahi, a regular author of the publication, described the book La Rage et l’orgueil in highly favorable terms. This book was an anti-Muslim racist pamphlet written by Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci. Despite the fact that she compared the reproduction of Muslim living in Europe with that of rats……”

Associated Video: https://youtu.be/1FQOiV_EpmA