“The west must resist playing Putin’s game in Syria. That way calamity lies”

Natalie Nougayrède (former Editor of the Left Leaning “Le Monde”). 18/9/15

“It’s not that talking to Putin about Syria is wrong in itself. What counts is what is said and what actions are taken as a result. If Putin is genuinely interested in what the west calls anti-terrorism, then putting an immediate end to barrel bombs and other Syrian government atrocities would be a good place to start. Assad’s military machine is the main cause of civilian deaths – and now it is pumped up with new Russian weapons. Assad and Isis feed off each other. It is in Assad’s interests to make sure Syria is viewed – as is widely the case now in the west – as primarily a clash between him and violent extremist jihadism. And Isis is able to recruit because it claims to defend Sunni populations against the indiscriminate onslaught of Assad’s military.”


One thought on “Excellent Guardian Article On Not Trusting Putin’s Russia In Syria

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