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It is fair to say almost all the people who carried the solidarity message “Je Suis Charlie” after the shooting at their offices, were and are unaware of it’s real nature. The weekly magazine only had a circa 30,000 to 40,000 circulation. Criticism of the magazine was not just from a small minority of fundamentalist Muslims.
In November 2003, Cédric Housez, a French political commentator wrote a detailed expose of the strange evolution of the paper, and it’s recent enthusiasm for Islamophobia ( In December 2013 Olivier Cyran a journalist for nine years at Chalie Hebdo wrote another well-known expose on the paper (
Zineb el-Rhazoui a journalist at the paper then wrote a defence of Charlie Hebdo in response to Oliver Cyran. This response exposes more about the nature of the paper, and its workers ( After this article are a stream of comments reproducing the authorized points (propaganda?) in defence of the Charlie Hebdo. I found that the Zineb Rhazoui article depends mainly on misleading logic chopping.
Zineb el-Rhazoui is a journalist, has a masters in the Sociology Of Religion, is an atheist and human rights campaigner, a Moroccan with a French Arab background …. Somebody who should be trusted when she said Charlie Hebdo is not a racist publication? In 2011 Charlie Hebdo was firebombed after offensive demeaning cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were published. In 2012 there were riots outside the Charlie Hebdo offices after more Prophet Mohammad cartoons. Questions were being asked about the nature of Charlie Hebdo? Then conveniently Zineb el-Rhazoui and Mustapha Ourrad got hired.
In the article defending Charlie Hebdo Zineb Rhazoui puts up straw arguments, not used by Oliver Cyran, to then knock them down. Such as “Arabs are all Muslims”, “People of North Africa are all Arabs” ….. Then there is the omission by Oliver of any mention of Zeneb in his article. Remove the verbiage, and her substantial argument is that attacking a religion is not racist, since a religion does not belong to a race.
An examination of fascist propaganda against Jews in the C19 and C20 shows this is historically illiterate. In any case call it what you will, Islamophobia will lead to violence against Muslims or people suspected of being Muslims. The fascist racial laws required only a single Jewish Grandparent!
Islamophobia leads to a perception that most Muslims are a potential threat, this leads to oppression and subsequent resistance. Eventually given a shock like an economic crisis, this leads to fascism and murder.
Zineb, given her academic background, understands the difference between prophets and how the religions people create from their teachings, are used to justify oppressive regimes. Islam is used particularly by the Iranian and Saudi regimes to justify oppression and extortion (Saudi fund ISIS, while their USA allies bomb them). Why then produce with Charb a cartoon book in 2013 that is directly demeaning of the Prophet?
Putting it bluntly. In the C19 there were plenty of Jews who responded to growing antisemitism by converting to Christianity. There were many who adopted atheism, and campaigned against religion, including Judaism (ie Ernestine Rose). Some became opportunists or unwitting collaborators with racists. Zenib is surely not a racist, then is she an opportunist or unwitting collaborator?, or some self-orientated uncritical combination?
The articles mentioned above, were used for background material for a hard hitting short video, exposing material on the Charlie Hebdo “satirical” magazine, that was  missed in the blitz of hype following the shootings in January 2015. (French verion)  (English version)
[Note: Have not dealt with “Islamophobia is not racism” arguments. Briefly Islamophobia should mean irrational fear of Islam, seems to involve need to distort the core of the religion with an unfounded character assignation on the Prophet Mohammad. Obviously to unfairly blacken a cultural religious entity that is associated with a racial group that is discriminated against, encourages racism as this leads to the rhetorical question “how can they believe in this?”.]


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