Excellent article on Syrian Solidarity by Charles Davis

[Last Updated by Lara Keller 12/6/17]

See: Anti-Imperialism 2.0: Selective Sympathies, Dubious Friends by Charles Davis 6/10/15   http://pulsemedia.org/2015/10/06/anti-imperialism-2-0-selective-sympathies-and-dubious-alliances/

Comment on this article: Excellent analysis and a mine of information. Two problems you highlight (1) Lack of “alternatives to imperialist intervention” and (2) Getting Western foreign policy “subject to any democratic input”. The view of Assad as an anti-imperialist hero is grotesque as you say. The fake hard left rubbish can be dismissed. This leaves as Orwell said in “Looking Back on the Spanish War” ….. “To the British working class the massacre of their comrades in Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, or wherever it might be seemed less interesting and less important than yesterday’s football match. ” ….. not that we are allowed to make parallels to the non-interventions of the 1930s, only the more recent interventions, some history more equal than others ….. So if “bigotry, distortion and indifference” can so easily defeat a progressive response to the clear call for democratic solidarity from the Syrian people, then surely Western democratic future is unsound, fragile, in danger. The only conclusion is that the progressive backbone in the West, is mainly populated by the hard left or complacent liberals with tunnel vision. In the long term we desperately need a progressive force capable of Syrian Solidarity.


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