Three more brilliant articles on  “one eyed” insane anti-imperialism in Syria. 

[Last Updated by Lara Keller 12/6/17]

This article gives some excellent descriptions of the Assad regime, and the utter hypocrisy of its claim to be “anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, axis-of-resistance” ….

To quote from it: “This has to be always repeated the Assad regime is a bourgeois nationalist, capitalist and social chauvinist state that has always repressed any dissent against it with the use of it’s Mukhabarat (intelligence services) and especially the Air Force Intelligence, Army and Shabiha (Regime backed Death Squads).”

It links to two more articles giving a very good history of the regime under Hafez and Bashar al-Assad:

Next is an article, which exposes the Palestinian activists who rightly oppose the racist violent oppression of Zionist Israel, but fail to oppose the mass murder by Assad in Syria. Either making excuses or offering token disapproval. Includes some statistics on ordinary people’s attitudes to Assad in the Middle East:

Lastly some very good information on the effect of Western intervention against ISIS (so called “Islamic State”) in Syria and Iraq. Exposes the myth that it does not work. The problem is that it is not protecting Syrian and Libyan civilians, and as the article shows, it is not stopping the advance of Assad regime’s murderous militias.


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