syriaOptions2016 - Copy.jpg

Illustration above of the true nature of the War On The Syrian People which has been going on with the Assad Clique seized power in 1970. Since 2011 the regime has declared unconditional war on the people it claims to legitimately rule. The stylized depiction of a vulture like bird in a helmet, goes back to the classic anti-fascist poster art of the 1930s. The figure comes from posters of the 1920s advertising the famous silent German horror film “Nosferatu”, based on the Dracula story (renamed due to problems obtaining the rights). The word “Nosferatu” probably comes from mangled  Romanian words “nesuferit” (hateful intolerable creep) or “necuratu” (the evil one). Given the nature of the Assad regime since 1970, and especially since 2011, both words apply equally.


One thought on “Options For Dealing With Assad Clique’s War On The Syrian People in 2016

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