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Rebel Democracy in Action — Syrian Democratic Revolution

Rebel Democracy in Action — Syrian Democratic Revolution

[Posted by Lara Keller 28/4/16]

Far from being hijacked and crushed by Islamists and jihadists, Syria’s democratic revolution continues not only as 2011-style peaceful protests but also as rudimentary forms of democratic self-governance established in rebel-held areas. Over 400 local councils — roughly one-third of them elected and one-half formed by consensus — are in charge of public services such […]

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Supporting non-action on Assad Death Machine, this is reactionary …..

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Supporting non-action on Assad Death Machine, this is reactionary …..

[Last Updated by Lara Keller 6/6/17]

This recent Facebook post (April 2016) I came across sums up a lot about the frustrated exhaustion with the faux progressives cant (polite way of saying crap) on Syria of their endlessly spewed half truths.

“…. what’s wrong with the world? Let me tell you one of the things wrong with it… that for a week hundreds have shared a touching picture [right hand side] of children in front of a UN tent in a [Syrian] refugee camp. The tent says something along the lines of, “if you don’t want refugees in your country, then stop voting for people who bomb our countries”…. Oh, of course, there is a lot of truth in that, but of course, it is only a partial truth, because most of those people are in refugee camps not because of Western leaders, but because of the bombs dropped on them by the Assad regime, by its partner Russia, even by its solid supporters,  the mercenaries of Hezbollah and the Iranian Artesh or even their special forces …… How many people share this [other] picture [left hand side]? With children actually under the bombs, standing in the rubble of what was probably their own street, telling you Russia and the regime are killing them by bombs and starvation. How come this picture is not some hotly shared meme? How come it’s more pleasant for us to share out “Western burden” than to share and raise awareness of the facts of the genocide of the Syrian people???? ….”

Part of the answer to the question the post asks is that, at heart the progressives’ cancerous misconception is that the Syrian Revolution is not important, and is inevitably unsustainable. They believe “Islam” is generally against representative government, different ethnic and religious groups will inevitably fight, the Syrian people have no real understanding of progressive democracy ………… and many believe as the Green Party’s Jenny Jones said on the British BBC’s QuestionTime recently “Assad’s Syria before the revolution was a good place to life” ……….. This attitude is both chauvinistic, grossly insulting and absolutely wrong. The Syrian Revolution is our struggle, we are all confronting the same struggle for representative government against entrenched elites. The revolution, back towards democratic progress, wins in Berlin, London,Paris, Washington …. because it wins in Damascus.

The basic truth that global elites support nominally opposed gangsters in Syria, is not completely acknowledged. Even when it is, this is not an alibi for not supporting real ordinary Syrians fighting the reactionary brutality of the Assad regime.The Free Syrian Army needs our support, not stupid arguments about how large it still is.

Syrians are being blamed for our lack of support. Joining a group funded and lead by hard line Islamists with money from the Saudis, means they have the bloody weapons needed to put up any sort of fight against Assad’s militia, armed with the Syrian Army’s arsenal which is meant to protect the very people it is being used to slaughter. Accusations of fundamentalism flung at Syrians fighting against impossible odds, should be directed back at us, for our lack of commitment, decency and common sense.

Yes any armed conflicts, including wars and revolutions, are disgusting. What is even worse is turning your back on the brutal slaughter of people fighting for their basic rights. Putting up a screen of half truths is no defense. This is not some neo-con regime change like Iraq, because it is lead by Syrians’ desire to see democratic government spread to Syria, as was clearly expressed in 2011.

Even Obama acknowledges that Britain and France left Libya in the lurch at half time after intervention there. It is common sense that getting rid of a dictator like Gaddafi, without giving a new security force adequate resources is a recipe for chaos. As exactly happened in Iraq. There is no reason to repeat the same mistake in Syria. You and I need to protest loudly to our governments that we want partnership with the people of Syria, not intervention for the elites. It is not impossible to do this. If you think it is, then give up being a progressive.

The dictatorships in the Middle East want to defeat the Syrian Revolution by spreading sectarian conflict, but this does not mean there is some better time, this will always be true until it is fought against. This is reason to give the Syrians more, not less support. More than five years of disaster for ordinary Syrians has occurred because we have not supported them, not just our governments, but you and me, us, ordinary Europeans. The suffering is not a reason to do less, but a reason to do more, and end this quickly with Assad cliche out of power.

The idea that there is some purely political solution is pure fantasy, the brutal Assad regime will only seriously talk with a boot on it’s neck. The current farce in Geneva is time wasting that suits the regime, just as the Zionists do with endless “peace talks” while the settlement building eats into Palestinian land.

Lastly to be in favour of destroying the Assad regime does not make you a bloody Zionist. They love Assad in private while condemning him in public. I am against the oppression of Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists whether it happens in Syria, Israel-Palestine, Egypt,  Saudi Arabia, Europe, US or any other place, because it is the only thought and feeling that makes any sense.

Demonstrate in numbers for real support for the struggle of the Syrian people.