Note to progressives blinded by Hard Left rhetoric to see the grave reactionary mistake they are making over the Syrian Revolution …….

The genocide against ordinary Syrians committed by the Assad Clique, using the weapons of the Russian backed Syrian Army, is designed to protect the mass extortion committed by the regime over the last 45 years. Try to understand that the elites in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, West, Russia, China are not actually opposed to each other. They manipulate ordinary people to fight in conflicts, that legitimize their authoritarianism or attempts to limit representative government. People in the Middle East (MENA) have suffered from this con to such an extent that they have revolted against it (see “Arab Spring” 2011…..). Many progressives in the West who have not suffered from brutal oppression directly have the luxury to still apply their principles to interpreting reality, rather than testing them against reality. Steeped in years of highly selective information, like their reactionary opponents, they cannot grasp the post Cold War reality of a global elite. This elite uses them (as much as the reactionaries) while they foolishly pride themselves on their revolutionary authenticity. In the same way fence sitting or half measures, after 5 years of terrible sacrifice in Syria is just another way of being used by the elites …. There can be NO BUTS to supporting ordinary Syrians in their fight against Assad. Western elites will try to manipulate this, but it is the progressives job to demand we support the Syrian Revolution, and challenge them when it goes in a direction Syrians say is against their interests. Authenticity lies in actively demanding partnership with Syrians, including the means to defending themselves against the Assad death machine, not stopping this or sitting on our hands. Got it?