jeremycorbyn2016-copyAs previous leader of the UK Stop The War coalition (founded and run by the hard line  trotskist Socialist Workers Party) he has consistently advocated against all military intervention by the West. These are the questions he should answer on Syria:

1. How does this would be leader of the UK, explain how the situation in Syria can be resolved?

2. Do you believe Putin and Assad’s regimes are authoritarian and have a total disregard for human rights?

3. Why should these leaders stop their genocidal war on the people of Syria?

4. Why should these leaders ever allow a democratic government in Syria?

5. Is a military process driven by the Syrian Opposition and strongly supported by the West, which puts Assad under threat of military defeat and leads to serious talks about a political solution, the only reasonable solution?

6. Should a “no bomb zone” policy in Syria (backed up by real consequences for the Assad Regime airfields and other assets  when these are violated) be applied now?

7. Is pacifism in the face of authoritarian psychopathic oppression, not a noble principle, but a way to support barbarism?

8. If you continue to side step questions on Syria, will this destroy your mage of being honest, caring, trustworthy?



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