[Posted By Lara Keller 2/10/16]

This cartoon is primitive, but represents a critical reality. Being soft on powerful authoritarian regimes that are “anti-Western” with pseudo left wing roots, is plain stupid. Pretending that not supporting the Syrian people in their struggle against the Assad Regime is “anti-imperialism” is sickening fraud. The idea that the Syrian uprising can be defeated, and there is nothing to fear in the West, except more terrorism and refugees, is absolutely wrong.

Authoritarian regimes of left or right have a history of wanting to export authoritarianism. We underestimate the lust for power that binds the elites who rule these countries. The West has a serious problem with greedy corrupting elites, who must work behind the scenes. They are not separate from the elites that govern powerful authoritarian countries, who have more freedom to act. Put the two together and democracy in the West goes from crumbling to dead.

Allowing Putin with financial Chinese backing, to defeat the Syrian revolution, will only encourage them to support authoritarianism elsewhere. To defeat this ordinary people in the West need to pressure politicians to support the Syrian Revolution. They will not do it by themselves.

To “cold war” used the wrong tactics to fight nominally “left-wing” authoritarianism. The West supported “right-wing” authoritarianism, and did not try to empower the people of disputed countries to find social justice. There was too much reliance on brutal military power.

Ordinary people in the West did not get involved in the strategy of the “cold war”, apart from opposing obvious madness, like the Western Vietnam genocide and dangerous “first strike” nuclear arms races. This does not mean it was and is not both right and essential to fight authoritarianism. This those on the left who stand idly by or protest against this, are traitors to the progressive movement. The apologists for the Assad Regime should be treated in the same way as the far-right. The undecided need to be challenged to state exactly where they stand.


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