How a No Bomb Zone would work.

[Posted By Lara Keller 17/10/16]



6 thoughts on “How a No Bomb Zone would work.

  1. Russia and Syria have a mutual defense pact. That would be like Russia enforcing a no-fly zone over Poland and thinking America wouldn’t get involved.

    There would be a loss to RAF pilots when Russia responds by bombing RAF airfields and military targets, leading to further escalation ending in nuclear war.

    The west can’t operate in Syria anymore than Russia can operate in a NATO country.


  2. Two things. There is an asymmetry in your case. The authoritarian regimes in Russia and Syria have a pact. The people of America and Poland support the Nato pact, as do their respective governments. The majority of people in Syria do not support the Assad regime which is a dictatorship. The West would argue sovereignty belongs to the Syrian people, who want the Russians to go back home. The second point is that Russia is not going to start WW3, the bombing of the UK , US or any other European country would be a major escalation by Russia, equivalent to the West bombing Russia. The No Bomb Zone strategy is designed to avoid direct confrontation with Russian military forces.


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