Not very surprised to find US Peace Action will now not publish a comment in response to their second article “Choosing the Path of Peace in Syria Part Two: Safe Zones Are Not Safe” (see ). The comment reacting to Jon Rainwater’s article was not accepted so far, creating the impression that there is no reply to his arguments. The missing response is below:

[start comment they will not publish………]

To summarize “Safe Zones” need to be militarily protected and can become targets or encourage ethnic cleansing. Part 3 will look at No Bomb Zones (see and assume will engage with others ideas of Charles Lister and others (see ). Part 1 and 2 seem to be about which paths do not work. “Choosing the Path of Peace in Syria” looking forward to resolution on which path is available. Obama has tried sermonizing to Assad will no known result so far.

[end comment they will not publish………]


9 thoughts on “Second comment “Peace Action” seem unable to publish on Syria.

    1. Thanks I did not notice that. Dishonest behaviour by Peace Action to suppress legitimate responses to their arguments. They do not have the courage of their convictions.

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    1. Great article. Says “we need to start with the concept of building a solidarity movement with the oppressed”, which is true. But there are committed and talent Syrian Solidarity Groups, and they have little influence with West progressives when compared to the anti-war groups. What is wrong with the West progressives?

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  1. West progressives, anti-war crowd =”Tangled web of dogma and sentiment”. There is a reason for hope, Just no immediately obvious today.


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