SNP Salmond Talk Show on Russia Today, No Surprise for Promoter of Putin’s Syrian Genocide.

“The Alex Salmond [Talk] Show” has been launched on the Putin regime’s foreign propaganda mouthpiece Russia Today (RT). According to the UK guardian many of the colleagues of this seasoned Scottish National Party politician appear to be surprised (see ). No one should be surprised, he has a history of being an apologist for Putin’s frankly fascist regime.

In September 2015 Russia began its direct intervention in Assad’s war against the Syrian people, that has led to the current near collapse of the mainstream opposition, and the ascendancy of the brutally oppressive Assad regime. In October 2015 at the SNP conference, Alex Salmond was calling for non-intervention by the West in Syria, so¬† effectively supporting Putin’s intervention in Syria:

“There was a moment of excitement when we all rushed into the hall yesterday to hear Alex Salmond set out the party’s position on Syria. ‘There is no one in Syria who is not being bombed by someone,’ he told the conference. For that reason, he wants ‘no more futile military interventions’, and his short speech mentioned the duration of the war in Afghanistan and the lack of money set aside for reconstruction in Libya. This opens up an intriguing dividing line with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, after shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn indicated that he was open to supporting military action in Syria. Could the SNP outflank Corbyn, a former chair of Stop the War, in their dovishness?”

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This is exactly the opposite of the support that Syrian activists were desperately calling for. I did a bad cartoon satirizing Salmond and the SNP’s fake pacifism. It reminded me of a 1936 David Low cartoon about non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War. It was sarcastically titled “Correct Attitudes in Spain”. This fake pacifism encouraged the spread of fascism in Europe by exposing the truth that democracy had no value.

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Salmond dressed as a policeman is saying “Syria is a domestic dispute, not an assault by criminals. Any forceful intervention will only add to the carnage. The SNP will use it’s 55 votes in UK Parliament, to swing the balance, to ensure time is wasted collecting UN vetoes, and arranging endless futile talks. All in the name of populist tokenism, clarity, sanity and humanity”.

It is not surprising that the year before Salmond was giving guarded praise for Putin:

” In an interview for the forthcoming issue of GQ magazine – given last month as Russia was being accused of military aggression in Crimea but before it had annexed the region from Ukraine – Mr Salmond was questioned about a number of world leaders by Alastair Campbell, the former Labour strategy director.
‘Well, obviously, I don’t approve of a range of Russian actions, but I think Putin’s more effective than the press he gets, I would have thought, and you can see why he carries support in Russia,’ Mr Salmond said.
‘He’s restored a substantial part of Russian pride and that must be a good thing. There are aspects of Russian constitutionality and the inter-mesh with business and politics that are obviously difficult to admire.’ ”

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Salmond is correctly criticized by a Scottish Labour spokesperson in the same article:

” Scottish Labour’s external affairs spokeswoman Patricia Ferguson said: ‘Given he [Salmond] shares Nigel Farage’s politics of division and grievance, it’s hardly a surprise that the First Minister has found common ground with the Ukip Leader.’
‘But his comments about Vladmir Putin are insensitive and ill-judged given the precarious situation in Ukraine. For Scotland’s First Minister to admit his admiration for someone with such a controversial record on human rights and democracy does not reflect well on our country.’ ”

It is time to question Alex Salmond, and question his previous statements and positions. This man is not a democrat, and is certainly not progressive.