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[ Posted by Lara Keller 20/3/19 Updated 27/10/20 ]

Assad’s Political Genocide in Syria:

Assad’s War On Syrians Collection.  Articles about the war the Assad Regime has been conducting on the Syrian people since 1970, and more vigorously since 2011.

Solving The Syrian Crisis Collection. Articles about how the Syrian Crisis could be solved. Seems late now, but the stupid myopia of this lost opportunity will only deepen in the future.

Assad is Not Syria, Assad Regime History Series. Collection of articles on the history of the Assad Regime in Syria. Gives background to the reasons for the revolution and exposes the nature of the regime.

Assad Apologists’ Betrayal of the Syrian Revolution:

Progressive Betrayal Of Syria, Principled Policy Series. Collection of articles on the betrayal of the Syrian people and their Revolution by progressives in the Western democracies. Counters their arguments and gives a broad brush policy scenario of what principled approach should be taken.

Assadist References Group. List of pro-Assad Apologist commentators (Assadists) who have influenced public opinion in favor of the Assad regime’s Political Genocide since 2011 in Syria. The list was originally compiled by Kester Ratcliff, and has been expanded. Supporting articles explain the range of opinion of Assadist commentators. Includes direct links to articles on two UK politicians from the left and the right who have expressed pro-Assad opinions.

Assad’s Allies Collection. Articles about those who have aided the tragic victory of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The other fake-left dictators and their complacent fake-radical apologists in the West.

Criticism of Pro-Assad Apologists Collection.  Collection of articles and illustrations about the West’s disgusting Pro-Assad Apologists.

New Partnership between Peoples of Europe and MENA:

Good Intervention In Syria And MENA Generally Collection. Articles about good intervention to empower people struggling with brutal dictatorships in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa, following the Democratic Uprising of 2011.

European MENA Partnership Series. Series of articles from 2017 exposing the central problems in the relationship between the European democracies and the MENA. Illustrated by crisis in Syria, lack of good intervention, contrasted with speeches by UK politicians Jeremy Corbyn and Teresa May about terrorism that ignore the origin of extremism in oppressive dictatorships in the MENA.

Opposing Western Extremist Politics:

Reactionary European Politics Collection. Collection of articles on dangerous rise of reactionary populism and separatism in the Western European democracies.

Questioning Corbynism Group.  Articles questioning the nature of the popular UK political movement centred on radical UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (“corbynism”).

Questioning Johnsonism Group.  Articles questioning the nature of the UK Boris Johnson Government and the hard-right of the UK Conservative party (Cummings, Gove, Duncan-Smith etc).

Anti-Zionism Group.  Articles presenting anti-zionism. None of these posts are anti-Israel and certainly none are anti-semitic.

Islamophobia Charlie Hebdo Etc Group. Articles on Islamophobia in the West, especially focusing on the reality of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In 2015 there was an horrific unjustifiable terrorist attack on the magazine, followed by an understandable white washing of the magazine, where the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan hide the magazine’s islamophobia.

Oracle Orwell: NOTES ON NATIONALISM (1945).  Orwell’s still highly relevant article on the perils of political, religious, racial, nationalist …. chauvinism, which he claims is best described in English by the word nationalism.

Red-Brown Fascism Is The Future:

Consequences Of Assad’s Political Genocide Collection.  Articles on the disastrous long term consequences of the international community doing nothing to stop the political genocide by Assad’s Regime in Syria.

Russian Regime Promotion Of Authoritarianism Collection. Articles on the promotion of authoritarianism by Putin’s Russian Regime in the Western democracies and within Russia.

North Korea Group. Articles on the disastrous consequences of appeasing the brutal North Korean regime. Especially its development and proliferation of nuclear weapons, ICBMs and other advanced weapons.

Venezuela Group.  Articles on the disastrous consequences of appeasing the authoritarian Venezuelan regime. Especially given the Maduro’s regime’s strong links to the Putin’s Russia and associated network of dictatorships.



Tragic Farce Of Xi Jinping’s Virus. How Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping enabled the farce of turning Covid-19 into a world pandemic, with thebotched measures meant to control pandemic viruses. 

Basic 101 Statistics On Covid-19.  Basic facts about Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 compared to normal seasonal flu. In March 2020 there were many social media claims that Covid-19 was not a threat, which within weeks became absurd.

Why South Korea Approach To Covid 19 Can Be Different. The reasons South Korea has been able to take a different approach to the Covid-19 virus outbreak of 2020.


A Prose Poem Of Politics And Islamophobia.

Explaining How Trump Can Steal The US Presidency. Short article with links to a range of in depth resources, explaining the powerful force behind Trumpian politics, and the reality that the only thing stopping Trump from stealing the November 2020 election is convention, assuming it is not an obvious landslide for Joe Biden.

Trump BLM White Protectionism Far-Right Far-Left And Despair. Non partisan fact based examination of US politics of race in 2020, and its impact on the integrity of the country.

Lord Janner’s Contempt For The Law.  The continuing story of Lord Janner’s evasion of an investigation for pedophilia.

Grenfell Fire Articles Collection.  Collection of articles on the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, that is the worst residential fire in the UK since the Second World War. Focus is on the full causes of the external cladding aspect of the fire.

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