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Assadist References Group.

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List of pro-Assad Apologist commentators (Assadists) who have influenced public opinion in favor of the Assad regime’s Political Genocide since 2011 in Syria. The list was originally compiled by Kester Ratcliff, and has been expanded. Supporting articles explain the range of opinion of Assadist commentators. Includes direct links to articles on two UK politicians from the left and the right who have expressed pro-Assad opinions.

2018       (6)

Main List= International Assadists Reference Directory.

Supporting articles to understand list=

Ten Point Scale and Common Features of Assadism (By Kester Ratcliff).

Definitions of terms and scope (Assadists Reference – By Kester Ratcliff).

Who are the anti-Assadists? (By Kester Ratcliff).

Jeremy Corbyn [id=40-j13]. Assad Apologists.

Boris Johnson [id=80-j4]. Assad Apologists.

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