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Islamophobia Charlie Hebdo Etc Group.

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Articles on Islamophobia in the West, especially focusing on the reality of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. In 2015 there was an horrific unjustifiable terrorist attack on the magazine, followed by an understandable white washing of the magazine, where the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan hide the magazine’s islamophobia. [or see whole category Islamophobia Charlie Hebdo Etc Group].

Articles 2019:         (1)

Why Peter Tatchell Is Getting Islamophobia Wrong.

Articles 2016-8:         (0)

Articles 2015:         (4)

Charlie Hebdo Is An Islamophobic Propaganda Sheet.

The Real Nature Of Charlie Hebdo …..

The Dark Side Of “Charlie Hebdo”, Oriana Fallaci and Islamophobia.

Lars Vilks And Opportunistic Islamophobia.


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