Lord Janner’s Contempt For The Law.

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Lord Janner’s Contempt For The Law.

[Posted By Lara Keller 17/5/15 Updated 11/6/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

[Part 1, April 2015]

In the UK press a certain Lord Janner is making a stir. Janner is a well connected Socialist Lord (ie UK Labour Party), with extensive connections to Zionism in the UK. Previously president “Board of Deputies of British Jews” , vice-president World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Leadership Council (basically special interest group). He also founded the “Holocaust Educational Trust” , and campaigned for the legal rights of survivors.

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A model citizen, except …. He has been repeatedly accused of child abuse at Leicestershire Care Homes during the 1970s and 1980s. (actually the first accusation goes back to the late 1950s!). Three police investigations were pressured to exclude Janner from their inquires. After an increasing number of public accusations, Lord Janner was diagnosed with dementia in 2009. But he still managed to attend and vote in the House Of Lords until late 2013, just before his offices were raided by the police. Since then his health has suddenly deteriorated, and just as the police are about to press criminal charges against him, he is found not to be able to stand trial due to “severe dementia”. Four specialists have examined Lord Janner, two appointed by the defense, and two from the prosecution. According to the UK state prosecution service (CPS) they state he could not be “putting it on”. This suggests there is no physical evidence, a CAT or MRI scan, which in the case of “severe dementia”, should show abnormal loss of tissue in parts of the brain.

What is curious is that the Leicestershire Police are not happy with the decision of the CPS, and want the decision overturned. So there must be some doubt about the medical evidence. There is a long history of well connected people over 60, using “dementia” as a a way to avoid trial, which then mysteriously improves after charges are dropped.

Compare this to the “Dutroux” case in Belgium in the 1990s, that caused public demonstrations, especially at the allegation that “Dutroux” was part of a ring that included government and police officials. Frank Beck who is the UK equivalent psychopath in the Janner accusations, mysteriously died of a heart attack in prison in 1994. It is all a bit circumstantial. Janner was arrested for “kerb crawling” (looking for male or female prostitutes), he is also a magician which he could have used as a way of grooming children (would a magician have better faking skills than others?).

If Lord Janner is seen to get away with it, then UK people should ask “what sort of country is the UK?”. He should be subject to several independent physical CAT or MRI scans to confirm his diagnosis. Otherwise the impression will be given that the Zionist  Lobby or Government Connections are above the law. This will be harmful to the constructive organizations that Lord Janner has been associated with!

[Part 2, April 2015]

According to the British Newspaper “The Guardian” , in 2007 new evidence against Lord Janner was dropped by local prosecutors in Leicester, without consulting headquarters in London. Lord Janner had received mounting accusations of child abuse at this time. He got a diagnosis of dementia in 2009, although he carried on at the House Of Lords until 2013, just before his offices were raided. Given that many other prominent powerful men have obtained “false or exaggerated diagnoses” to escape justice, then it is not some crazy “conspiracy theory driven” paranoia to suspect that Lord Janner may well not be suffering from dementia, at least to the extent that would prevent him standing trial.

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General Pinochet, the brutal mass torturing dictator of Chile, escaped from extradition from Britain (UK) to Spain on the grounds of “dementia”. It was promised that a local case would be pursued in Chile to determine his guilt. When he returned to Chile the promised local case was dropped, and he made a surprising recovery. Pinochet refused to have his medical evidence shared with the Spanish authorities before the extradition (he enjoyed the support of the late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher).

Although obviously Pinochet is a far more serious case, I do not think this child abuse should be treated lightly. Children in Care Homes were often been seen as second rate “unwanted” children. Lord Janner was also among other good causes a campaigner for children’s rights, according to the UK Guardian. If he used his position as a MP, prominent Zionist, campaigner for children’s rights …. to perform serious rapes on already emotionally damaged children, then this needs to be investigated.

Janner’s medical records have been seen by 4 doctors, 2 for the defense, 2 for the prosecution. On paper this may fit with current guidelines, but what of the evidence itself ? Lord Janner unlike ordinary people, is in a position to choose his doctors carefully (to put it diplomatically). It is not a case of lying, but of which tests to apply, and which evidence to discount. If Janner has “severe dementia”, then he should be subject to a number of MRI (or even PET) scans by independent experts, which should show brain changes associated with this terrible condition at this stage of it’s progression. This hard evidence should be made directly available to the defense and the prosecution. Current procedure is that these tests are not applied for ordinary people, if the verbal tests show they are not required. This man is no stranger to the performing arts, as a member of the magic circle and both Houses of Parliament!

[Part 3, April 2015]

In the same UK Newspaper “The Guardian”, Deborah Orr has written an opinion piece on the Janner case [http://www.theguardian.com/…/dont-blame-the-cps-for-lord-ja… 18/4/15]. The key points are: 1. Groups support people in their own group, not because they share the same vice or even believe the accused is not guilty, but to protect the reputation of the group. 2. Abusers are attracted to powerful groups, because they provide cover for their crimes. She concludes “He [Prime Minister Cameron] and everyone in the political classes – with a few honorable exceptions – need to start being a bit more vigilant about their bias. Self-congratulatory wishful thinking in a group that wants respect is a big part of every child-abuse scandal this country [UK] has created.”

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This group think must be especially difficult for family members who have much respected high profile public reputations, like Lord Janner’s daughter, Laura Janner-Klausner who is Senior Rabbi for the UK “The Movement for Reform Judaism”.

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What shocks ordinary people is the distance between the “high moral standards” politicians should have, and the actual behavior of many of them. The accusations made against Lord Janner (25 people accused him since 1991, with four police investigations aborted after pressure) if true, are unacceptable in any context. What about the many others who may have covered up for him?

People have to give politicians their trust, which they then often go on to treat with little respect. Is too much expected from politicians? Should they have higher than average moral standards? If they do not have high moral standards, then how are they going to resist the pressure and temptations from other powerful groups in society to deceive the public? Although setting too high a standard, can restrict the pool of potential leaders to the bland and blinkered. Most western countries suffer from this affliction already.

The answer has to be, far more rigorous holding of politicians to account. They deserve our cooperation (what other choice is there? anarchy? hardly) but they do not deserve our trust. This has to also extend to the civil service, other institutions, and powerful organizations whether private or public.

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Going back to Lord Janner, and his work for various Zionist groups. There must be this transparency and accountability in government to counter the influence of lobby groups. In the USA, State Department officials complain that their policy on Israel, is limited to what AIPAC (powerful Zionist lobby) will allow them to have. The same is becoming increasingly true in Europe. Universities which have often been centers of independent thought, are being pushed by financial pressures to follow the corporate line. State broadcasters like the UK’s BBC are also not immune.

This does not “just” extend to issues of foreign policy. Domestic economic policy has to bow down to lobbies, representing the powerful financial sector. This limits the range of acceptable “realistic” policy options that parties can present to the public. Any policies that contradict so called “free market” fundamentalism are immediately treated as suspect. Few know how economies work, or could work, and no one in government thinks the public needs or should know. “Trust us they say” ….. not anymore.

[Part 4, May 2015]

The UK’s Lord Janner (member of the UK Labour (Socialist?) party, Zionist, former MP and Holocaust Campaigner) still appears to be avoiding justice. He has still not been charged by Leicestershire Police, over allegations of the viscous rape of children in the 1970s and 1980s, despite the Police saying they have extensive evidence. Some extreme viewpoints attribute this to some kind of Zionist conspiracy, or even a ring of powerful pedophiles in the government. It is much more likely that Lord Janner has been involved in so many influential institutions, that the embarrassment of these claims being true, is so great that no one wants to believe it. Added to this is the embarrassment and potential damage to the people who have been covering up for him.

It does appear that he is being protected. It is claimed he has severe dementia, but recently he has:

1. Sold his expensive London home, and given the money to his children. This will allow him to avoid paying compensation to victims, or paying expensive legal bills.
2. Written to the House of Lords, coherently and concisely explaining his absence (8th April 2015).
3. Continued acting as a company director.
4. Continued hosting dinner parties.

The only evidence he has severe dementia appears to be from four medical experts, two  appointed by his defense team, and two by the UK Crown Prosecution Service. They conducted a “Mini Mental State (MMSE)” examination on Lord Janner [See: https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/official-cps-statement-the-decision-not-to-prosecute-lord-janner-statement-from-the-dpp/comment-page-1/  Note: UK CPS website has removed it’s Lord Janner related statements!, https://greenerblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/challenge-to-cps-decision-on-greville.html ].

There is a standard test to diangose Alzheimer’s disease [See: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/about-dementia/symptoms-and-diagnosis/diagnosis/mmse-test ]. This is only part of the process of diagnosis. According to the UK Alzheimer’s Society, a CAT, CT or SPECT scan is also part of the diagnosis process. Partly to rule out other medical problems, and allow these to be treated. “A scan showing no unexpected changes in the brain does not rule out conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. This is because in the early stages of the disease the changes can be difficult to distinguish from those seen in normal ageing.” If Lord Janner has severe dementia, then such a scan should confirm the diagnosis given to the CPS. Where are the brain scans? Why no mention of brain scans in the public statement on the decision not to prosecute by the CPS? Why only the minimal MMSE questionnaire style test? This is a scandal for UK justice.

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Lord Janner is in his 80s and the evidence he has severe dementia seems inconclusive. The history of the four previous failed prosecutions against him, due to pressure on the Police, appears to be repeating itself.

[Part 5, December 2015]

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Update: In May 2015 a group of Members of Parliament successfully got a review started into the CPS decision not to prosecute Lord Janner, following an expose by the ExaroNews website [See: https://www.exaronews.com/police-reveal-fury-with-cps-for-refusing-to-charge-lord-janner ]. David Perry QC conducted the review, and quickly overturned the original decision of the CPS. A “trial of facts” was scheduled for 2016, at which a conclusion would be reached on the evidence available, but no formal verdict of guilt or innocence recorded. This was cancelled following Lord Janner’s death in December 2015. He was nursed privately at home until his death.

[Part 6, January 2016]

Update: ‬ Currently Allegations against Lord Janner have following his death been referred to the Goddard Inquiry [See https://childsexualabuseinquiry.independent.gov.uk ], which is looking at UK institutions failure to protect vulnerable children and the failure to prosecute pedophiles. As some of his alleged victims are only in their 30s or 40s this hardly fits with the classification of this as an “historic abuse” inquiry [See: https://www.slatergordon.co.uk/media-centre/blog/2016/01/abuse-lawyer-speaks-to-media-about-lord-janner-trial/ ]. Powerful and influential people using claims of “dementia” to avoid justice for their crimes against vulnerable people needs to be fought for the good of society everywhere.

[Part 7, May 2017]

Update: The solicitors Slater and Gordon (and other firms of solicitors) have helped the alleged victims to launch a civil action against Lord Janner’s estate. By May 2017 all the claimants have dropped out. This has been seized on by the Janner family as proof that their father was innocent, and that the Goddard Inquiry should not investigate their father. His son Daniel Janner QC stated in the UK “The Times”: “These false accusers, having dropped their claim because they risk being cross-examined, can no longer form the basis of this strand. Accordingly, the existence of this strand undermines the integrity of the important work of the inquiry.” [See: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/janner-accusers-drop-all-claims-of-historical-abuse-dnw70b6nm ].

A different perspective is given by Simpson Villar Solicitors (also acting for some of the alleged victims) on their website “Abuse Law”. They made these points:

“….. 3. Daniel Janner QC has made it clear that he is determined to take all cases to trial with the consequent costs involved.
4. The estate of Lord Janner is worth, allegedly, between £1 million, and £2 million. Legal Costs are a first charge on the estate, thus if the estate is diluted by the legal fees planned, then there will be no money left to pay compensation.
…… 7. The chances of the victims obtaining justice, when there is such opposition from the family in response, is less likely.
The victims are clearly hanging their hopes upon the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) [Goddard Inquiry]. Sadly, the Janner family are also trying to demolish that investigation as well. Whilst one has to admire their determination and pertinacity, their attitude does nothing to assuage the anger and frustration which our clients clearly feel. It rekindles their psychological symptoms, and shows a lack of sensitivity towards them.”
[ See: http://abuselaw.co.uk/news/peter-garsden-blog/janner-cases-continue/ ]

His daughter the Senior Reform Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said people had lied about her father on UK BBC Radio 4 Today program on Monday 29th May 2017. She then made the following accusation:

“ ‘The compensation lawyer business/industry advertises, for instance, in [the prisoners’ magazine] Inside Time. It promises that 98% of child abuse compensation claims are settled outside court……Lets say something has happened to you. You go for ‘compo culture’ and the lawyers say don’t worry, you won’t have to speak in court, meaning that you won’t be expected to attend a court hearing,’ said Janner-Klausner, a rabbi to the Movement for Reform Judaism.” [See: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/30/greville-janner-alleged-abuse-victims-hit-back-at-family-over-money-claims ]

His other daughter Marion Janner who is a campaigner for mental health was interviewed in August 2016 on UK BBC Newsnight she said:

“It’s an outrage. It’s an absolute outrage,…..Now Dad is dead, there’s not the possibility of the other side of the story being heard. It’s the people making the accusations’ word against a corpse, which doesn’t work. It cannot be just …. The pendulum has swung so far that people making accusations are automatically believed over this most serious of crimes… We’re in the current situation that people can make any accusations and be automatically believed… It’s just bonkers.” [See: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-36945958 ]

Lord Janner spent a great deal of time and effort avoiding investigation, so allegations being made at the end of his life, is a result of his own actions. Clearly accepting that their father may be guilty is extremely difficult, and they seem to be driven to extremes to avoid this situation.

[Part 8, May 2019]

According to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) website the “preliminary hearing into institutional responses to allegations of child sexual abuse involving the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC will not now take place on 23 May, but will now be held on 24 September [2019]“. [See: https://www.iicsa.org.uk/news/inquiry-updates-preliminary-hearing-date ] It is an open question whether these hearings will uncover any material that leads to answering the question of Lord Janner’s guilt. The inquiry is focusing on the effectiveness of the response of institutions to allegations, rather than the veracity of the allegations themselves.

Lord Janner’s son Danile Janner QC said in March 2019: “This is another sad chapter in this beleaguered [IICSA] inquiry because what is happening here – let there be no mistake about this – is a trashing of good people, people who were never convicted of offenses, such as my late father [Lord Janner], Lord Brittan and Edward Heath……[It] is based on tittle tattle, it’s based on rumour and this whole thing should be shut down. It’s a disgrace.” [See: https://news.sky.com/story/lord-janner-son-westminster-sex-abuse-inquiry-based-on-tittle-tattle-11654975 ]

The star witness into the VIP pedophile ring, of which Lord Janner is accused of being a part, is being prosecuted for making false accusations in Newcastle in the UK. A major police investigation was launched based on Carl Beech’s [known as ‘Nick‘] allegations. [See: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/15/westminster-vip-abuse-accuser-posed-witness-back-up-his-claims ]. This is being seized on to dismiss the existence of a VIP ring. Is Carl Beech a false witness in a double sense. A plot device used by Agatha Christie in “Witness For The Prosecution” and later by John le Carré in “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold” ? Serious allegations of this VIP pedophile ring go back to Simon Regan and the Scallwag Magazine of the early 1990s. [See: https://scallywagmagazine.blogspot.com/2012/11/scallywag-magazine-article-on-lord.html ].

No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

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No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

[Posted By Lara Keller 18/5/15 Updated 15/6/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

I despair at the tendency of liberal Jewish activists to find reasons to criticize the justified criticism of Israel. See “Yarmouk shows up the treatment of Palestinians across the Arab World”, Carol Mann, 17th April 2015 UK newspaper “Guardian” [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/17/yarmouk-shows-treatment-palestinians-arab-world].

Having tried in vain, in a small way, to stir up moral and military support for the FSA in Syria, with pro-Palestinian Western groups and others. Against the psychopathic Assad regime, I agree when she says:

“With yet another disaster befalling the world’s most blighted population [Palestinians], where are the vocal, chest-thumping supporters of Palestine? Can they only march, protest, boycott when it comes to Israel and keep quiet when the Arab world threatens them?”

They can, while spouting easy far-left wing crap about “resistance to Western hegemony”. Since 1970 the Assad clan have ruled Syria as a personal estate by systematic torture. However this does not mean Israel receives even a fraction of the criticism it deserves. It is just means that the Assad Regime deserves much more. The wrong comparison is being made by Carol Mann.

Israel is a vile violent racist state, that receives the level of moral and practical support from the West, as if it was just another “liberal” European country. This is the core motivating issue that starts people looking at Israel. They then learn the truth about how Israelis treat Palestinians, that is edited out of Western news coverage, and they react to this.

Carol Mann then goes on to talk semi-nonsense:

“However humiliating and despicable, the level of existence even in the occupied territories is vastly superior to that of Palestinians anywhere in the Arab world, with the exception, until recently, of Syria, and Iraq before the United Nations sanctions in 1990.”

The systematic oppression of Palestinians in the occupied territories is hugely unreported in mainstream Western media. The Israel Lobby has a fit when someone tries. Israel needs to make sure the principal reason for Palestinian terrorism is never explained to the Western public. They can then manage criticism with the Zionist propaganda machine when they oppress, kill and maim Palestinians in Israel-Palestine. Some celebrity Israeli supporter will then parrot “what would any other country do?”, and get away with it.

The “Arab World” is often compared to “Israel” in Zionist propaganda, as if they were the same kind of things. They talk about “Arab World” when they mean the “Middle East”, which is far more ethically, culturally and religiously diverse.

Also the “Arab World” is run by a “very small elite” of dictators, with uncritical support from Western governments and Russia, China. Exceptions like Tunisia are struggling against Saudi financed fundamentalists trying to wreck the “Arab Spring” there. This lack of representation of ordinary people in the Middle East is why Israel gets away with existing as a racist state, and why the Palestinians have been caught between Zionism and the dictatorships of the Middle East.

Yes the pro-Palestinian groups need to dump the far-left wing junk that finds excuses for nominally “non-Western” authoritarianism, and start pushing for real support (money, arms, aid, moral ….) for ordinary people fighting for democracy in the Middle East (or in a wider context, that includes economic rights and representational government).

The apologists for Israel need to get real about how bad Israel is, recognize its active part in supporting the dictatorship system in the “Middle East”, and start campaigning for a democratic Middle East. A place where Israel-Palestine can be an ordinary pluralistic country, rather than as (the flawed) Norman Finkelstein puts it, “A Monument to the Holocaust”. Or rather a monument to a misunderstanding of European Antisemitism. It has been stripped of its role as diversionary scapegoating, in the political context of the European elite’s resistance to democracy and economic redistribution, in the Europe of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A misunderstanding that allows the growth of a parallel racism today in the West called “Islamophobia”. Something that many Zionists say does not exist, while they promote it in the West.

Lars Vilks And Opportunistic Islamophobia.

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Lars Vilks And Opportunistic Islamophobia.

[Posted By Lara Keller 22/5/15 Updated 19/5/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

According to the British “Sunday Times” newspaper last Sunday [http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/world_news/Europe/article1522121.ece] in a feature on the Danish Artist and Cartoonist Lars Vilks, there is more to the shootings on the 14 February 2015 in Copenhagen than was initially reported. In an echo of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Lars Vilks gives the impression of an aging (68) second rate artist, enjoying the undeserved notoriety from his offensive and crudely drawn cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Vilks was an obscure professor of art theory at the Norwegian Bergen National Academy of the Arts. In 2007 he had trouble finding a gallery, in his native Sweden, to exhibit his drawings of the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog (an animal seen as unclean in many Middle Eastern cultures). He claimed these drawings were inspired by a vogue in Sweden for amateur “roundabout dog” sculptures. The centre-right liberal Nerikes Allehanda (regional newspaper based in Örebo in central Sweden) then agreed to publish the drawings.

This sparked an international controversy, similar to the one two years earlier surrounding the Danish Jyllands-Posten cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Vilks and the Nerikes Allehanda editor received death threats. The most sensational one, that was widely reported, was claimed to have come from al-Baghdadi of Islamic State in Iraq, of $100,000 for Vilks’ death. The only source for this was SITE, a public relations organisation that claims to research information about terrorism. This organisation is run by Rita Katz, an Iraqi-Jew and committed Zionist, who was educated in Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University. SITE has a reputation as an unreliable Zionist front.

Vilks then started a career as a provocateur for Islamophobia. In 2010 he was head butted (but uninjured?) at a lecture he was giving in Uppsala University. He was showing a film called “Allah Ho Gay Bar” by the Iranian-Dutch artist Sooreh Hera. It depicts gay men wearing Mohammed and Ali masks. Some are semi naked, in sexually suggestive poses. Apart from the obvious insult to the Prophet Mohammed and his son in law Ali, the film appears vacuous, cold and ironically homophobic. It depicts gay men as faceless sexual objects.

Sooreh Hera is yet another Iranian exile from a once wealthy family, who preferred the dictatorship of the Shah, to the current Shia Fundamentalist dictatorship. She claims to be standing up against the hypocrisy of the treatment of gay people in the Middle East. Her motives require doubt.

Vilks has also been doing a series of talks for right wing groups. The racist Norwegian Islamophobic online magazine “Document.no” has a sister organisation “Documents venner” (Friends of Document). He has, as an example, presented a lecture for them in 2010 on “art and freedom of speech”. On September 11th 2012 he gave a speech in New York at a conference given by the right wing SION (Stop Islamization Of the Nations) organisation, and hosted by the well-known Islamophobic extremist Pamella Geller. Notice that SION claims to have Muslims on it’s board, such as Dr Wafa Sultan, a wealthy Alawite Syrian and keen supporter of the genocidal gangster Bashar al-Assad.

This gives some background to the event at the Krudttønden Cultural Centre in Copenhagen on the 14 February 2015, at which Vilks was due to give a talk on “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression.” Film director Finn Nørgaard (according to the Sunday Times he was an organiser not just a member of the audience) was shot dead by Omar El-Hussein at this event. The next day El-Hussien shot dead Dan Uzan, who was a volunteer guard at a coming of age bat-mitzvah, at the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen. Dan was a 37 year old Jewish man of mixed Israeli-Danish descent, with a reputation as a generous and much liked figure in the Jewish community in Copenhagen.

El-Hussien was then later shot and killed by police. He was 22 years old, and of Danish Palestinian descent. Five police officers, who happened to be assigned to protect these venues, were injured in the gun battles.

In this context the actions of Omar El-Hussien do not appear as insane radical actions of a “terrorist” inflamed by anti-Semitism and hatred of Western values. Instead they seem to be an act of criminal and misguided revenge, inspired by genuine acts of hatred and violence against Muslims. The irony is that his actions will only lead to more hatred and violence against Muslims. They give strength to Islamophobia in the West, and give cover for ethnic cleansing in Israel-Palestine (which has been a consistent policy of mainstream Zionism) because the Zionists will claim that there must be space for the majority of Jews who do not live there.

A story behind this one, shows the role of a player who facilitated this chain of events. Ulf Johansson was in 2007 the editor of the centre-right liberal regional newspaper “Nerikes Allehanda” (NA), who published the original offensive Vilks cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Ulf Johansson is now News Manager for the main state television broadcaster “Sveriges Television” (SVT). Before NA, between 1997 and 2003 he was editor of a conservative regional newspaper “Smålandsposten”, based in the Southern Swedish town of Växjö. In 2002 a national scandal started about police in Växjö selling arms to criminals. Ulf Johansson played a small part in this, by failing to publish information about concerns over the official investigation into this crime.

This exemplar of journalism received a prize and a payment of 10,000 Kronna from Swedish Journalist’s Club, in 2008 for heroically publishing the Vilks’ cartoons. All in the memory of the truly courageous journalist Anna Politkovskaya. She exposed the extremely violent and corrupt nature of Putin, including his atrocities in Chechnya when he was a member of the KGB. Putin had her assassinated. Again reality outdoes satire.

In 2011 Ulf Johansson became the program manager for the national news on SVT (the main government television broadcaster in Sweden). He appears to have done very well from his decisions to exercise “journalistic freedom” in the interests of the establishment. His rise coincides with centre-right governments in Sweden between 2006 and 2014.


Why Peter Tatchell Is Getting Islamophobia Wrong.

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Why Peter Tatchell Is Getting Islamophobia Wrong.

[ Posted by Lara Keller 16/5/19 Updated 19/5/19 ] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

UK Human rights secular saint Peter Tatchell, is someone of whom I greatly approve, although he does not know this and probably could not care less. He has written a letter to UK “The Times” newspaper agreeing with police criticisms of new rules banning Islamophobia. The arguments he uses are strange.

Race is a weak concept, and it is true that Muslims belong to many so called “races”. Islamophobia proposes that Muslims display social behavior that is inferior or dangerous when compared to non-Muslims, this is “effective” racism. Tatchell is wrong to get absolute about weak definitions.

He says “Muslims who oppose Women’s and LGBT rights claim they are expressing their Muslimness”. Fundamentalists’ claims are subject to debate as any other claims are. Most Muslims would claim that claiming “Mulsimness” means opposing the rights of Women and LGBT people is itself an insult to Islam. So a claim of Islamic belief can itself be Islamophobic. Indeed what (so called) Islamist Extremists say about Islam matches what rabid Islamophobes say about Islam. their actions and propaganda feed each other. So Tatchell asks “Is criticism of them [fundamentalists] Islamophobia or not?” Accepting the fundamentalist statements about Islam can be Islamophobic. So the answer is clearly “No”.

Islam is not just an idea, as Tatchell says, it is a collection of ideas. Some of which Muslims believe were revealed by God to the Prophet Mohammad. Other come from the life of the prophet, his actual and alleged sayings and later interpretations of these ideas. In this way Islam is like Judaism and Christianity. So Islam is more than an idea. But it is still open to criticism and interpretation. Indeed criticism and interpretation is central all religions, including Islam.

Tatchell says “Yet criticisms of Islam and tyrannical Islamic regimes are often denounced as Islamophobia.” It is also true that denouncing genuine debate and criticism of Islam and supporting tyrannical Islamic regimes, is an insult to Islam, and is itself Islamophobic.

So Tatchell letter amounts to the truths that the concepts of “Muslimness” and “Islamophobia” are not clearly defined enough to be the basis of actionable rules. The rest of his letter is not relevant. The best way forward is to debate these concepts, and produce reasoned examples. (Note the Antisemitism definition has been partly hijacked by the needs of Zionist propaganda).

I disagree with Peter Tatchell. “Islamophobia” does exist as an objective racist activity, that needs to be dealt with by rules and public opinion. There is a “Muslim Identity” that comes from the positive values of Islam that people should be free to express (ie “Muslimness”). I agree with him that these issues are difficult to get right.

The way to empower women, gain LGBT rights and end brutal dictatorships for Muslims (and their non-Muslim neighbours an d fellow citizens) is via Islam. There is no insurmountable obstacle. Start with “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.” Excellent way of saying there is only one God. Mohammad is not the only messenger of God (although most Muslims believe he is the last one, I see no reason God is limited). The same God for all, where the oppression and neglect of others is an insult to this one same shared God.

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