Why South Korea Approach To Covid 19 Can Be Different.

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Why South Korea Approach To Covid 19 Can Be Different.

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Business men like Tim Martin of the UK Pub Chain JD Wetherspoon, have irresponsibly moaned that South Korea has managed to fight Covid-19 without lock-downs. This is an argument based on shameless ignorance.

According to South Korea’s rapid coronavirus testing, far ahead of the U.S., could be saving lives [LA Times, 14/3/2020]. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention responded to past outbreaks of MERS and Zika viruses by creating the infrastructure and resources of a new system for rapid mass testing.

They started this system as soon as the Covid-19 outbreak was reported in nearby China. Preparation allowed for a rapid response to the growing number of cases, which involved tracing the contacts of infected people. Under a preemptive approach people who might be infected were pursued. While full government transparency raised awareness among the public.

Even with this system the city of Korean city Daegu had to be locked down. There also appears also to be a high cultural predisposition to voluntary cooperation in Korean culture. In a letter in the New York times the strategy was summarized: “From an early stage, the Korean government has set key principles to combat Covid-19: Be quick, transparent and pre-emptive, …..” Someone should tell bar room experts like Tim Martin, that the South Korean system is the result of good government intervention and a culture of public  cooperation.

Cull Cummings The Anger Of An Old Soldier.

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Cull Cummings, The Anger Of An Old Soldier.

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A satirical poem of utter disgust.

There was a young drunk who left Oxford,
He tried to sell the Russians Corruption,
Finding alcohol fueled rhetoric was his vocation,
He went to Newcastle to sell them–
not taking back more local control by – devolution,
Graduating to bigger lies with Brexit,
He sold it on oath as a benefit for the nation.

Retired folk like me are proud of my nation,
So having fought for my country in more than one war,
And feeling no need for more exploration,
I felt it was my obligation,
To put my trust in the verity of the Vote Leave declaration.

Now I know Cummings is a shit down to his core.
Such a manipulative sociopath of morbid tendency,
who would rather I was dead of covid-19 asphyxia,
Than his blue blood friends get a dip in their dividends.

I have been betrayed,
But his face is my consolation,
He looks less like Dorian and more like the painting,
And so sweet drink do us a favour,
Pickle his liver and with sweeter sewage float him,
surely on that old river of sane moderation,
Who with cleansing design, flushes out the mistakes in time.

[ by D.W Sunday 22/3/2020 ]

Cull Dominic Cummings’ Influence.

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Cull Dominic Cummings’ Influence.

[ Posted by Lara Keller 22/3/2020 Updated 16/4/2020] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

There needs to be a Cull of Dominic Cummings’ influence on UK Government Policy. His contempt for the ordinary people of the UK is entirely obvious. His Brexit campaign was built on huge lies. It claimed to want to improve the lives of ordinary people in the UK. It succeeded because of the lack of anyone offering a credible alternative. Now the benefits of Brexit are shown as to be the exact opposite.

Cummings comes from an entitled privileged background and has never succeeded in anything he has done that involves the real world, rather than the rhetoric of political pressure groups. According to Dan Hodges a journalist at the right wing UK newspaper the Mail On Sunday, a civil servant leaked this damning assessment of Cummings: “He basically reads books by experts and thinks he’s assimilated that information and understands it as well as the writer.” The man is deluded, with a habit of showing contempt for people around him.

He is an Oxford graduate who got a First in Ancient and Modern History. He was greatly influenced by his mentor the right wing academic Norman Stone, who specialized in the military history of Imperial Germany. Stone was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher, and defender of Pinochet’s mass torturing Chilean dictatorship. Stone was a heavy drinking nasty opinionated gifted sociopath, not unlike Cummings himself. Dominic Cummings has an obsession with Bismarck, the ultra cynical conservative German chancellor who had contempt for democracy. Bismarck unbalanced Europe by creating a Unified German state, whose foreign policy and military continued to be dominated by a small clique centered on the Emperor, that ultimately dumped him.

Now Cummings has been revealed again as a sociopathic eugenicist, who was arguing until recently that old poor pensioners in the UK should be culled by coronavirus in the interests of the wealthy. In an article in the UK Sunday Times on 22nd March 2020: “At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government’s strategy. Those present say it was ‘herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.’ ” [Sunday times, “Coronavirus: ten days that shook Britain — and changed the nation for ever.”, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/…/coronavirus-ten-days-that-shoo… ]

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Cummings should not be advising any democratic government, he and his putrid influence, must be culled from UK government. He needs time to dry out, and examine his own deficiencies rather than those of others. He is threatening legal action due the Sunday Times article, time will tell if this arrogance is his undoing.

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Basic 101 Statistics On Covid-19.

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Basic 101 Statistics On Covid-19.

[Posted By Lara Keller 21/3/20 Updated 18/4/20 ] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents
Perspective on Covid-19 statistics and normal flu seasons: Social media has attracted posts claiming that Covid-19 outbreak is comparable to a normal flu season, and government restrictions are therefore unnecessary. This is close to the genocidal stupidity of the climate change denying fraudsters.

1. Looking at US CDC stats (compatible to UK) in the bad year of 2018, 0.13 % who got flu died and 1.8% needed hospitalization. Compares to 2% – 3% death rate for covid-19. https://jglobalbiosecurity.com/articles/10.31646/gbio.56/ Roughly 20 times higher.

2. The first world advantage in critical care is obviously lost when intensive care units are overloaded. In a normal flu season UK NHS critical care for example is reported as nearing capacity.

3. Last bit on this. Disease stats are difficult. Under-reporting of cases reduces death rate figure, while time lag between getting disease and dying with a spreading pandemic increases actual death rate figure. Bio-security report above incorporates SARS coronavirus data in taking account of these factors.

There is no journalistic excuse for the media to pander to the views of climate change deniers or Covid-19 emergency deniers. In contrast both should be exposed as dangers to effective public freedom of information.

Syria And The Responsibility To Empower.

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Syria And The Responsibility To Empower.

[ Posted by Lara Keller 7/3/2020 Updated 15/4/2020] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

The “Responsibility To Empower” should be the cornerstone of political relations domestic or foreign, because nothing can be justified without it, and all constructive actions can be justified with it. (I leave the reasoning that supports this statement as an exercise for you general reader).

The ten year long war in Syria shows there must be a “Responsibility To Empower” (beyond R2P) built into international relations, with the focus on human beings not states. The current international order is based on the politics of the inevitable of the end twentieth century.

The core idea that authoritarian countries will “catch up” with democratic representative governance is absurdly complacent in the gloom of Assad’s Political Genocide powered by Russian and Chinese regimes.

The lack of strong centralist political ideals in the West and the growing success of authoritarianism – at least from an elitist perspective – in a world of mounting crisis of nature, is a threat stronger than the West’s walls, both physical and mental.

If you wish to imagine the future then think what dignity means. To all those apologists for dictatorship, imagine Tommy Robinson (UK Far Right politician-thug) being the law not being arrested by the law, running the prisons not being in them, deciding what is true from false. Understand that this is what dictatorship really means.