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Basic 101 Statistics On Covid-19.

[Posted By Lara Keller 21/3/20 Updated 18/4/20 ] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents
Perspective on Covid-19 statistics and normal flu seasons: Social media has attracted posts claiming that Covid-19 outbreak is comparable to a normal flu season, and government restrictions are therefore unnecessary. This is close to the genocidal stupidity of the climate change denying fraudsters.

1. Looking at US CDC stats (compatible to UK) in the bad year of 2018, 0.13 % who got flu died and 1.8% needed hospitalization. Compares to 2% – 3% death rate for covid-19. Roughly 20 times higher.

2. The first world advantage in critical care is obviously lost when intensive care units are overloaded. In a normal flu season UK NHS critical care for example is reported as nearing capacity.

3. Last bit on this. Disease stats are difficult. Under-reporting of cases reduces death rate figure, while time lag between getting disease and dying with a spreading pandemic increases actual death rate figure. Bio-security report above incorporates SARS coronavirus data in taking account of these factors.

There is no journalistic excuse for the media to pander to the views of climate change deniers or Covid-19 emergency deniers. In contrast both should be exposed as dangers to effective public freedom of information.

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