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Cull Cummings, The Anger Of An Old Soldier.

[Posted By Lara Keller 23/3/20 Updated 12/6/20 ]   anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

A satirical poem of utter disgust.

There was a young drunk who left Oxford,
He tried to sell the Russians Corruption,
Finding alcohol fueled rhetoric was his vocation,
He went to Newcastle to sell them–
not taking back more local control by – devolution,
Graduating to bigger lies with Brexit,
He sold it on oath as a benefit for the nation.

Retired folk like me are proud of my nation,
So having fought for my country in more than one war,
And feeling no need for more exploration,
I felt it was my obligation,
To put my trust in the verity of the Vote Leave declaration.

Now I know Cummings is a shit down to his core.
Such a manipulative sociopath of morbid tendency,
who would rather I was dead of covid-19 asphyxia,
Than his blue blood friends get a dip in their dividends.

I have been betrayed,
But his face is my consolation,
He looks less like Dorian and more like the painting,
And so sweet drink do us a favour,
Pickle his liver and with sweeter sewage float him,
surely on that old river of sane moderation,
Who with cleansing design, flushes out the mistakes in time.

[ by D.W Sunday 22/3/2020 ]

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