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Charlie Hebdo The Real Story.

Projecting pictures of Charlie Hebdo on public French Government Buildings and twittering about “free speech” and “solidarity” might seem progressive and reasonable, but the real story is different.

Charlie Hebdo is an Islamophobic racist rag, that repeatedly portrays the central figure of Islam – the prophet Mohammad – as a perverted terrorist. Then in 2016 they produced an editorial warning readers of the necessity to eradicate all signs of Islam. Common sense shows the Fundamentalist Islamist Terrorists feeding off Islamophobic nonsense like this, stomping down on both is the solution for democractic politicians. As the cartoon above shows there is nothing progressively sophisticated in allowing “Liberty” to be used to enable the French far-right intent on destroying “Egality” and “Fraternity”. The figure shown is the magazine’s everyman Charlie Hebdo character in cave man dress, apt.

See these articles to read the full story:

Charlie Hebdo Is An Islamophobic Propaganda Sheet.

The Dark Side Of “Charlie Hebdo”, Oriana Fallaci and Islamophobia.

The Real Nature Of Charlie Hebdo.

How and Why Charlie Hebdo Insulted the Muslim Victims of the Bosnian Genocide.

Where this rubbish started: Lars Vilks And Opportunistic Islamophobia.

2016 Charlie Hebdo Editorial that shows it’s true Islamophobic agenda
How did we end up here? | Charlie Hebdo

Older sources of criticism of Charlie Hebdo racism.

2005 Selling the “clash of civilizations” to the Left , by Cédric Housez. https://www.voltairenet.org/article127495.html

2013 “Charlie Hebdo”, not racist? If you say so…. by Olivier Cyran. https://daphnelawless.com/charliehebdo/Charlie_Hebdo_article%2011.htm

Other criticism of Charlie Hebdo, following 2015 terrorist attack, “I Am Charlie” demonstrations and the PEN award.

2016 Why I Never Have Been — And Never Will Be — “Charlie” | Literate Perversions. https://the-orbit.net/literateperversions/why-i-never-have-been-and-never-will-be-charlie/

2016 Charlie Hebdo finally admits their racist prejudices | ROAR Magazine.

2015 Linux Beach: Charlie Hebdo is Racist.

2015 Criticizing Racist Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Does Not Make You a Terrorist | Complex.

Charlie Hebdo adds to its long history of racist cartoons by portraying dead refugee babies as future monkey rapists | Salon.com. (even the Assad Apologist Ben Norton can be right about something).

2016 Charlie Hebdo reinforces the very racism it is trying to satirise. (interesting perspective)

2016 Charlie Hebdo admits their racist prejudices – Twist IslamophobiaTwist Islamophobia.

October 2020: The feeding cycle between Charlie Hebdo style Islamophobia and Islamist Terrorism goes on in France, while the French government in the form of Emmanuel Macron blindly supports CH.

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