No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

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No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

[Posted By Lara Keller 18/5/15 Updated 15/6/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

I despair at the tendency of liberal Jewish activists to find reasons to criticize the justified criticism of Israel. See “Yarmouk shows up the treatment of Palestinians across the Arab World”, Carol Mann, 17th April 2015 UK newspaper “Guardian” [].

Having tried in vain, in a small way, to stir up moral and military support for the FSA in Syria, with pro-Palestinian Western groups and others. Against the psychopathic Assad regime, I agree when she says:

“With yet another disaster befalling the world’s most blighted population [Palestinians], where are the vocal, chest-thumping supporters of Palestine? Can they only march, protest, boycott when it comes to Israel and keep quiet when the Arab world threatens them?”

They can, while spouting easy far-left wing crap about “resistance to Western hegemony”. Since 1970 the Assad clan have ruled Syria as a personal estate by systematic torture. However this does not mean Israel receives even a fraction of the criticism it deserves. It is just means that the Assad Regime deserves much more. The wrong comparison is being made by Carol Mann.

Israel is a vile violent racist state, that receives the level of moral and practical support from the West, as if it was just another “liberal” European country. This is the core motivating issue that starts people looking at Israel. They then learn the truth about how Israelis treat Palestinians, that is edited out of Western news coverage, and they react to this.

Carol Mann then goes on to talk semi-nonsense:

“However humiliating and despicable, the level of existence even in the occupied territories is vastly superior to that of Palestinians anywhere in the Arab world, with the exception, until recently, of Syria, and Iraq before the United Nations sanctions in 1990.”

The systematic oppression of Palestinians in the occupied territories is hugely unreported in mainstream Western media. The Israel Lobby has a fit when someone tries. Israel needs to make sure the principal reason for Palestinian terrorism is never explained to the Western public. They can then manage criticism with the Zionist propaganda machine when they oppress, kill and maim Palestinians in Israel-Palestine. Some celebrity Israeli supporter will then parrot “what would any other country do?”, and get away with it.

The “Arab World” is often compared to “Israel” in Zionist propaganda, as if they were the same kind of things. They talk about “Arab World” when they mean the “Middle East”, which is far more ethically, culturally and religiously diverse.

Also the “Arab World” is run by a “very small elite” of dictators, with uncritical support from Western governments and Russia, China. Exceptions like Tunisia are struggling against Saudi financed fundamentalists trying to wreck the “Arab Spring” there. This lack of representation of ordinary people in the Middle East is why Israel gets away with existing as a racist state, and why the Palestinians have been caught between Zionism and the dictatorships of the Middle East.

Yes the pro-Palestinian groups need to dump the far-left wing junk that finds excuses for nominally “non-Western” authoritarianism, and start pushing for real support (money, arms, aid, moral ….) for ordinary people fighting for democracy in the Middle East (or in a wider context, that includes economic rights and representational government).

The apologists for Israel need to get real about how bad Israel is, recognize its active part in supporting the dictatorship system in the “Middle East”, and start campaigning for a democratic Middle East. A place where Israel-Palestine can be an ordinary pluralistic country, rather than as (the flawed) Norman Finkelstein puts it, “A Monument to the Holocaust”. Or rather a monument to a misunderstanding of European Antisemitism. It has been stripped of its role as diversionary scapegoating, in the political context of the European elite’s resistance to democracy and economic redistribution, in the Europe of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A misunderstanding that allows the growth of a parallel racism today in the West called “Islamophobia”. Something that many Zionists say does not exist, while they promote it in the West.

Good Advice to UK’s Jeremy Corbyn on Antisemitism Controversy.

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Good advice to UK’s Jeremy Corbyn on antisemitism controversy.
[Posted by Lara Keller 1/4/18]

Good advice to UK’s Jeremy Corbyn on antisemitism controversy…… “As corollary to the above, Vagabond emphasizes the importance of opposing both ‘the nationalist and colonialist ideology of Zionism’ and the racist ideology of antisemitism – including hatred and scapegoating of Jews that is presented in the name of anti-Zionism.” []

The situation is complicated as there are people who would smear the majority genuine anti-racist Anti-Zionism as antisemitism. The problem is some of them are Zionist propagandists and some of them are racist Anti-Semites. Israel commits an oppressive massacre. The genuine Anti-Zionists report the truth of the event and say “see how hateful the Israeli Zionist regime is”. The Zionist propagandists respond by saying “see how they hate us, they only use this to hate all of us.” The racist Anti-Semites respond by saying “see how hateful they are, what we say about the rest of them is true”. Both the response of the Zionists propagandists and the racist Anti-Semites are lies. Each lie from these extremists justifies the other lie. The phantom of the lie of global antisemitism gives rise to violent responses and the creation of powerful support networks, which gives power to the phantom of the lie than Jewish people are different and a threat.

This cannot be escaped as the UK BBC does by ignoring the truth, but can be outmaneuvered by doing what Vagabond says by positively opposing Antisemitism and Zionism, and ignoring the Extremists.