Syria and the Coming Global Rise Of States Of Mass Killing.

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No existing or proposed dictatorship has an ideological barrier to going to the Putin and Xi-Jinping regimes for unquestioning immoral support. Syria has shown the elites of the international community are useless. Never again means nothing now.

People should not despair, as the call of the universal is universal. Elites attempt to create absolute separations based on extremist views of economics, class, nationality, religion and political dogma. We all have a sense that our connections link to a universal, which is slow to arouse, but unstoppable when the consequence of walking by are clear.


Assad’s Democide Services.

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Assad’s Democide Services.

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Assad’s victory effect is not confined to Syria or even MENA Shia-Sunni regional tensions. Assad proved that you could mass impoverish, murder and torture your way to keeping your brutal kleptomaniac dictatorship in power.This must have an effect on other dictatorships around the world, facing the dilemma of reform or oppress. The Assad regime butchers will be able to sell advice on genocide of the people (“democide”). This is an angry mock advert for these disgusting consultancy services. It is meant as a warning allow Assad to get away with it, and the so called “international community” will be faced with many more so called “Syrian Crises”, which will become more urgent and harder to respond to.


Future News if Assad and Kim Jong-un get away with it.


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Future News if Assad and Kim Jong-un get away with it.

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If Kim Jong-un gets away with manufacturing nuclear missiles and Bashar Assad gets away with genocide, this will be our future news. Is this what you want?

Text of future 2019 news story:

On Tuesday Venezuela launched a long range missile that after a 25 minute flight landed 100 miles South of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean. This comes after last month’s successful underground hydrogen bomb test in the same region of North West Venezuela. The missile has been positively identified as an unmodified version of the “Moravid-1” Iranian ICBM. North Korea’s news agency reported on the 1st September that “missile compatible” nuclear war heads had been supplied to Venezuela. On Friday President Maduro announced at a rally for military personnel, that the Bolivarian Revolution would fight with all the weapons at its disposal against US imperialism. Maduro specifically threatened to strike the US with “Fire and Fury” unless the Trump administration stopped supplying Brazilian Republicans with weapons, and conducting “false flag” Sarin gas attacks with stolen Syrian Army equipment. He claimed 90% of the United States was now within range of nuclear strikes, and that Venezuela would not allow Brazil’s 11th February Revolution to be crushed. This latest increase in nuclear confrontation, is expected to lead to more support for a vast peace protest planned for Washington on October 12th. Dr Jill Becher a spokesperson for Peace First, said that “If we wish to avoid nuclear war, then the United States must urgently learn to take its place in the world. We must stop this evil humanitarian imperialism and interference in the self determination of other countries.” Chinese Premier Xi-Jinping cautioned against military escalation and called for the resumption of diplomatic efforts based on the United Nations.


Assad getting away with Genocide will enable Unrestrained Oppression around the World.

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Assad getting away with Genocide will enable Unrestrained Oppression around the World.

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Getting away with Genocide to preserve the Assad Regime, will lead to a proliferation of Genocidal Dictatorships using Assadist Oppression to avoid Reform, and Russia-China are equipped to support them. No one will escape the fall out of this, even those deluded hard-left apologists in the West.