Why inaction in Syria has been the Green Light to the New Cold War, the West will lose.

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Why inaction in Syria has been the Green Light to the New Cold War, the West will lose.

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The Syrian Revolution is being ground out under the boots of the Assad, Khamenei and Putin regimes, frozen in the snow or burnt alive in the torture centres. No need to look for Left or Right in the West, stick a label of “extremist” and “Iraq” on it all, and ignore it. Nothing.

They say Syria is in the sphere of influence of Russia and Iran, and this is the New Cold War, not the West’s business. CRAP. This Cold War is about promoting client authoritarianism by Russian and Chinese regimes, WITHOUT any ideology or restraint on the terror to create and preserve them. Inaction on Syria has been the huge Green Light to the Russian and Chinese regimes in this New Cold War.

Meanwhile Trump is the president for the last century (that is his appeal), and so are his anti-war opponents stuck in the past. The West needs an active “pro-representative governance humanitarian” foreign policy (that it has never really had) to compete with the cynicism of the Russian and Chinese regimes. Who out there is really awake to demand this? Anyone?

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No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

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No More Liberal Israeli Excuses.

[Posted By Lara Keller 18/5/15 Updated 15/6/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

I despair at the tendency of liberal Jewish activists to find reasons to criticize the justified criticism of Israel. See “Yarmouk shows up the treatment of Palestinians across the Arab World”, Carol Mann, 17th April 2015 UK newspaper “Guardian” [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/17/yarmouk-shows-treatment-palestinians-arab-world].

Having tried in vain, in a small way, to stir up moral and military support for the FSA in Syria, with pro-Palestinian Western groups and others. Against the psychopathic Assad regime, I agree when she says:

“With yet another disaster befalling the world’s most blighted population [Palestinians], where are the vocal, chest-thumping supporters of Palestine? Can they only march, protest, boycott when it comes to Israel and keep quiet when the Arab world threatens them?”

They can, while spouting easy far-left wing crap about “resistance to Western hegemony”. Since 1970 the Assad clan have ruled Syria as a personal estate by systematic torture. However this does not mean Israel receives even a fraction of the criticism it deserves. It is just means that the Assad Regime deserves much more. The wrong comparison is being made by Carol Mann.

Israel is a vile violent racist state, that receives the level of moral and practical support from the West, as if it was just another “liberal” European country. This is the core motivating issue that starts people looking at Israel. They then learn the truth about how Israelis treat Palestinians, that is edited out of Western news coverage, and they react to this.

Carol Mann then goes on to talk semi-nonsense:

“However humiliating and despicable, the level of existence even in the occupied territories is vastly superior to that of Palestinians anywhere in the Arab world, with the exception, until recently, of Syria, and Iraq before the United Nations sanctions in 1990.”

The systematic oppression of Palestinians in the occupied territories is hugely unreported in mainstream Western media. The Israel Lobby has a fit when someone tries. Israel needs to make sure the principal reason for Palestinian terrorism is never explained to the Western public. They can then manage criticism with the Zionist propaganda machine when they oppress, kill and maim Palestinians in Israel-Palestine. Some celebrity Israeli supporter will then parrot “what would any other country do?”, and get away with it.

The “Arab World” is often compared to “Israel” in Zionist propaganda, as if they were the same kind of things. They talk about “Arab World” when they mean the “Middle East”, which is far more ethically, culturally and religiously diverse.

Also the “Arab World” is run by a “very small elite” of dictators, with uncritical support from Western governments and Russia, China. Exceptions like Tunisia are struggling against Saudi financed fundamentalists trying to wreck the “Arab Spring” there. This lack of representation of ordinary people in the Middle East is why Israel gets away with existing as a racist state, and why the Palestinians have been caught between Zionism and the dictatorships of the Middle East.

Yes the pro-Palestinian groups need to dump the far-left wing junk that finds excuses for nominally “non-Western” authoritarianism, and start pushing for real support (money, arms, aid, moral ….) for ordinary people fighting for democracy in the Middle East (or in a wider context, that includes economic rights and representational government).

The apologists for Israel need to get real about how bad Israel is, recognize its active part in supporting the dictatorship system in the “Middle East”, and start campaigning for a democratic Middle East. A place where Israel-Palestine can be an ordinary pluralistic country, rather than as (the flawed) Norman Finkelstein puts it, “A Monument to the Holocaust”. Or rather a monument to a misunderstanding of European Antisemitism. It has been stripped of its role as diversionary scapegoating, in the political context of the European elite’s resistance to democracy and economic redistribution, in the Europe of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A misunderstanding that allows the growth of a parallel racism today in the West called “Islamophobia”. Something that many Zionists say does not exist, while they promote it in the West.

Venezuela Group.

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Venezuela Group.

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Articles on the disastrous consequences of appeasing the authoritarian Venezuelan  regime. Especially given the Maduro’s regime’s strong links to the Putin’s Russia and associated network of dictatorships. [or see whole category Venezuela Group].

Articles 2019:         (1)

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Visits Assad To Discuss Regime Preservation.

Articles 2018:         (0)

Articles 2017:         (1)

Fruits of appeasement, Future news: Venezuela threatens nuclear strike on US.



Consequences Of Assad’s Political Genocide Collection.

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Consequences Of Assad’s Political Genocide Collection.

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Articles on the disastrous long term consequences of the international community doing nothing to stop the political genocide by Assad’s Regime in Syria. [or see whole category Consequences Of Assad’s Political Genocide].

Articles 2018:         (1)

Syria and the Coming Global Rise Of States Of Mass Killing.

Articles 2017:         (3)

Assad’s Democide Services.

Future News if Assad and Kim Jong-un get away with it.

Assad getting away with Genocide will enable Unrestrained Oppression around the World.



Assadist References Group:

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Assadist References Group.

[Posted By Lara Keller 16/4/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

List of pro-Assad Apologist commentators (Assadists) who have influenced public opinion in favor of the Assad regime’s Political Genocide since 2011 in Syria. The list was originally compiled by Kester Ratcliff, and has been expanded. Supporting articles explain the range of opinion of Assadist commentators. Includes direct links to articles on two UK politicians from the left and the right who have expressed pro-Assad opinions.

2018       (6)

Main List= International Assadists Reference Directory.

Supporting articles to understand list=

Ten Point Scale and Common Features of Assadism (By Kester Ratcliff).

Definitions of terms and scope (Assadists Reference – By Kester Ratcliff).

Who are the anti-Assadists? (By Kester Ratcliff).

Jeremy Corbyn [id=40-j13]. Assad Apologists.

Boris Johnson [id=80-j4]. Assad Apologists.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Visits Assad To Discuss Regime Preservation.


Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Visits Assad To Discuss Regime Preservation.

[Posted by Lara Keller 20/4/19]  anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

On 4th April 2019 Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza visited Assad in Damascus, after a stop in Beirut to meet Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (as well as the Lebanese Prime Minster Saad Hariri). This is concerning as Maduro’s regime in Venezuela sees the situation as similar to Syria, where in order to preserve his regime Assad has been committing Political Genocide. To keep his elite in power Assad has since 2011, murdered half a million Syrians, tortured tens of thousands to death and cast millions of others into desperate poverty and exile. The response of the West and the United Nations has been pathetic dithering indifference.

In December 2018 the Venezuelan ambassador to Syria Jose Muzzatiz gave a press conference according to the Syrian state propaganda outlet SANA:

“Ambassador of Venezuela in Damascus, Jose Gregorio Biomorgi Muzzatiz said that his country benefited from Syria’s experience and the steadfastness of its people during the war years. He highlighted the key role of mass media in divulging the conspiracy against Venezuela repeating the same scenario adopted by the US and other imperialist states in their war on Syria and other countries in the Middle East with the aim of undermining the people’s unity….” (https://www.sana.sy/en/?p=153741)

According to the Putin propaganda outlet Sputnik in January 2019 another Venezuelan diplomat, Nader de El-Andari, claimed similarities between Syria and Venezuela:

“Chargé d’Affaires of the Venezuelan embassy in Serbia, Dia Nader de El-Andari, who argued that the current crisis in Venezuela has been endorsed by the United States, with the support of the European Union, in line with the model of Libya and Syria ….. ‘This is what happened in Libya and Syria, and this is what is happening in Venezuela. A sort of government is being created abroad, and the US and the EU are making other countries start recognizing it […] Venezuela has a lot of wealth, and they are interested in natural resources,’ Nader de El-Andari said.” (https://sputniknews.com/latam/201901251071803870-maduro-venezuela-situation-syria/)

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza tweeted about his meeting with Assad on the 4th April 2019:

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Jorge Arreaza said “Immense honor to have been greeted by the brother President … Bashar Al-Assad. How much Experience, Wisdom and Advice for Resistance, Victory and Peace [Sic]…..”

He is pictured with Assad, his morbidly obese Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and “political and media” adviser Bouthaina Shaaban.

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Who the Venezuelans-Russians(?) are on the opposing sofa are I do not know (Russia provided the air transport for the Venezuelan group’s Middle Eastern trip).

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Jorge Arreaza earlier gave a joint press conference with Assad’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem. They talked about the importance of Russian military cooperation with their regimes.

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“Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, during his tour of the Middle East, gave a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart, Wallid Al Moallem, in which he stated that Russian military cooperation with Venezuela is part of bilateral agreements dating back 18 years years.

The information was released by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry through its Twitter account @CancilleriaVE: ‘Russia has helped Venezuela, since the first military cooperation agreement in 2001, it has assisted us in technical and military cooperation for defense of the Venezuelan territory’.

‘The high-ranking Russian officers who arrived in Venezuela, who are educators in the sciences and military arts, are there as part of the traditional and conventional cooperation between Venezuela and Russia for the past 18 years,’ he said.

Option to defeat Imperialism: Also, the Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs commented that ‘the only way to defeat imperialism, which is unilateral, arbitrary, rude and selfish, is with multilateralism, with the values ​​of Peace and respect for the sovereignty of Peoples ‘.

The Foreign Minister said that in order to produce a change in the US foreign policy, it is necessary for joint action of the countries committed to respect International Law and the Charter of the United Nations Organization (UN).”


He is tired hypocritical cant, he is promoting Russian-Chinese imperialism while condemning US-Western imperialism.

jorge9 - Copy

According to the pro-US “Voice of America” website Wallid Al Moallem spoke at the press conference about his regime’s intention to recover every inch of Syria, referring to the Golan Heights and Idlib. He and Jorge Arreaza then discussed the similarities between Syria and Venezuela:

“He [Moallem] spoke at a joint press conference in Damascus with Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who lauded what he described as Syria’s victory over ‘terrorism’  in the country’s eight-year war and said both countries were victims of a U.S. conspiracy.

Venezuela’s government has traditionally had warm relations with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government. Arreaza met with Assad later on Thursday, after which he said both Syria and Venezuela ‘face the same enemy and resist with the same popular will.’

‘The two Syrian and Venezuelan peoples fight against U.S. conspiracies and imperialism and the two will emerge victorious,’ Arreaza said. He said that there is a consensus in Latin America on rejecting the militarization of the crisis in Venezuela, adding that his country has a military cooperation agreement with Russia which supplies it with defensive, not offensive, weapons.

He said the government still hopes to resolve Venezuela’s crisis through dialogue. The country has been rocked by protests and social unrest fueled by a severe economic crisis.”


The Assad regime produced the same rhetoric about wanting a peaceful dialogue with the opposition in 2011, while conducting a violent crackdown that led to protesters beings subject to systematic torture or murdered by snipers.

Jorge Arreaza then gave a talk to a selected audience at Damascus University.

jorge4b - Copy

[Note that the Spanish “Canciller” can also be translated as minister of state.]

The audience successfully suppressed their enthusiasm for this message of solidarity between regimes.

jorge8 - Copy

There are profound parallels (and differences) between the Assad regime and the Chafez-Maduro regimes.

  1. Both regimes have imported vast amounts of Russian advanced arms. Both depend on Russian military advisers and training.
  2. Both regimes rule via a corrupt elite of wealthy loyalists. Both regimes have deep connections with the military.
  3. Both regimes have created large loyalist paramilitary organizations to protect their domination of their populations.
  4. The Assad regime came to power by an illegal military coup, and has never held a free election. The Chafez government came to power by a democratic election, but has since morphed into ever more blatantly rigged elections under Maduro.
  5. Both regimes initially encouraged redistribution to reduce inequality. Once establishing their power-bases both regimes have enabled vast increases in inequality.

It is therefore likely that Maduro will adopt Political Genocide, given that the Assad regime has got away with this since 2011. Hussein Walid provides a different view in a February 2019 al-Jazeera article. He appears to use a justified revulsion at US foreign policy in South America to overlook the fundamental authoritarian trajectory of the Chafez-Maduro regime. Call time on this type of tired political chauvinism, that offers ordinary people nothing.


Disgraced Academic Prof Tim Anderson, Assad, Kim Jong-Un and the Australian Far-Right.


Disgraced Academic Prof Tim Anderson, Assad, Kim Jong-Un and the Australian Far-Right.

[Posted By Lara Keller 19/3/19 Updated 20/3/19]    anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

Disgraced racist Australian pro-Assad propagandist-academic Prof Tim Anderson tweets that Murdoch’s Media is responsible for the Christchurch Massacre of Muslims, by his fellow countryman, the deranged far-right extremist Brenton Tarrant, whose manifesto is obsessed with an ill informed and paranoid fear of the replacement of White Europeans by Muslim immigrants. Tarrant repeatedly refers to Muslims as violent threatening “invaders”.

This atmosphere of fear has been encouraged by people like Tim Anderson who are part of the non-Western imperialist media, promoting the foreign policies of the authoritarian Russia-Chinese regimes. His propaganda has portrayed the Arab Spring struggles against brutal kleptomaniac dictatorships in Syria and elsewhere, as the illegitimate wars of Islamist Extremists against benign “independent” states.

This is why far-right groups want to hear propagandists like Tim Anderson. His propaganda presents the Assad Regime as a benign regime of semi-westernized “White Arabs” that keep Sunni Muslims under control for their own good. Protecting them from hordes of foreign radicalized Sunni Muslim extremists easily recruited and armed by  the Saudi Monarchy intent on grabbing power through terror.  This is an outrageous racist distortion. It ignores the nature of the web of dictatorships in the Middle East, where the Assad regime has the worst reputation in a field of terrible regimes (being Sunni, Shia or secular makes no difference). This disgusting, insulting rubbish is promoted by a minority of academics, like Anderson who abuse the reputations of the universities that employ them. See Tim Anderson’s Dirty War on Syria for a destruction on his propaganda smearing the Syrian Revolution and exonerating Bashar Assad.

He has promoted his book of apologia for Assad =directly= to far-right and far-left groups. Here he is addressing far-right fruitcakes in 2016 https://youtu.be/hcZkFCquDVo (the full version of his pro-Assad rhetoric is available at https://youtu.be/QAxT4-0OugY (start 50 mins) and second part https://youtu.be/8Dn0o0sZcgk).

He also appeared with well known fascists outside the Russian Consulate when diplomat Andrey Karlov was murdered in Ankara in 2016. In August 2017 he was in North Korea with his fellow dictator apologist “independent journalist(?)” Eva Bartlett. Anderson praised Kim Jong-Un’s resistance to US aggression, while Barlett praised the egalitarian welfare the state provided for North Koreans.

In this propaganda world their are no brutal kleptomaniac dictatorships apart from those linked to the West, where all evil emanates from. Evidence is misused, abused and selected to give an impression that this is true. All these distortions are backed up by “whatabout” the Western elite’s crimes. We know about these, we care, we oppose, and it is ridiculous to imply this lessens the crimes of the other non-Western elites. What all this “whataboutism” means in conclusion, is bugger to all the elites Western or not-Western. Still people in the West are expected to respect people like Anderson’s radical progressive integrity. Call people like Anderson and his followers for what they really are, apologists for dictators who rule to extort by the use of terror. They can no longer hide under the cover of freedom of speech, anti-war, solidarity or egalitarianism. They promote crimes against humanity, and abuse freedom of speech to undermine society. Indeed they use freedom of speech to promote torture.

Interfering in other countries is not by itself inherently bad, it can be essential.

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Interfering in other countries is not by itself inherently bad, it can be essential.

[Posted By Lara Keller 27/1/19 Updated 20/3/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

The same media commentator script that accompanied Assad’s Genocide in Syria is being repeated word for word by word about the recently intensified uprisings in Venezuela against the Maduro dictatorship.

Commentator speil: Any “intervention” is interference in the affairs of a foreign country. The motives of “intervention” must be selfish and hostile to the citizens of the foreign country. The history of “intervention” by the West is terrible. Therefore “intervention” must be wrong.

This chain of statements is not self evidently true. There are different types of “intervention”. Enabling ordinary citizens to resist unaccountable dictatorship cannot be described as interference. Motives depend on the interests, values and commitment of those people demanding a specific “intervention”. Usually foreign policy is directed by Western elites. If Western progressives only demand no “intervention” whatever the context, they are still partially responsible for the resulting bad interventions by abdication of involvement. Without foreign “intervention” by the West our world would now be dominated by the extremist empires, far worse than the current awful situation. Ultra-nationalism, fascism, communism, or some hybrid of these would have swallowed our current unsatisfactory democracies.

Commentator speil: “Intervention” is imperialism. Countries should be allowed to sort out their own affairs. So “intervention” by the West must be wrong.

As above there are different types of “intervention”. Countries are subject to intervention from different groups of foreign countries. Russia and China are interfering in countries run by dictatorships, who have never or no longer represent their citizens, by directly supporting the oppressive “security” (whose?) machines of these regimes. The Assad regime in Syria and Maduro’s regime in Venezuela are both current examples.

Modern military and information technology has advanced so smaller cliques can run dictatorships that cannot be overturned by the outraged oppressed majority of citizens, who are not part of these cliques. In this situation the dictatorship can be accurately described as “native imperialists” rather than “neo-colonialists” (type of imperialism where a local elite act as proxy rulers). Oppressed citizens of current (and importantly future) corrupt dictatorships will have no hope of just government without “intervention” by democracies.

Commentator speil: There have been no good interventions by the West, since the US (and UK) declared war on the Fascist governments of Germany and Italy in the Second World War.

The phrase “good intervention” can refer to the outcome, or the causalities and war crimes that result from an intervention.

Saving the world from fascism was self evidently good (useless you are a far-left nut box who believes that a supernatural world workers revolution would have swept fascism aside). The Second World War resulted in tens of millions of deaths (worse than the First World War), industrial scale barbaric war crimes (notably the Holocaust), the flattening of many cities (especially in Germany) and the eventual conquering of half of Europe by Stalin’s regime. None of this would have happened if there had been intervention against fascism and the results of the Great Depression in the early 1930s. So the late intervention against fascism in the 1940s should be judged as disastrous in terms of causalities. The outcome of the Second World War was not inevitable, so a terrible risk was taken with democracy.

Saving the world from communism is also self evidently good (useless you are again a far-left nut job who believes in the mythic sustainable benign dictatorship). The causalities and war crimes involved were terrible. A terrible risk was taken with the future of life on Earth itself, from a global (MAD) nuclear holocaust. Notoriously millions  died in the war between the US and Soviet Russia & Communist China in Vietnam. The US used napalm (mixture of phosphorus and petroleum jelly designed to burn people alive) to bomb civilian areas and powerful herbicides (effectively chemical weapons) to defoliate large parts of the country. In the 1960s and early 1970s a whole generation of Americans protested against conscription for Vietnam, and the war crimes committed by its own government. The indulgent tolerance of Western progressives for the far-left was noted by George Orwell in the 1930s, and it became firmly entrenched by Vietnam protests that painted Ho Chi Minh and his Vietnamese Communist Party as benign progressives. A stupidity that is still alive, feeding on new generations of idealistic young.

Elsewhere in the world the West fought communism in name of freedom. The reality was neo-colonialist right-wing dictatorships that supported the business interests of Western elites in return for money and arms. This type of intervention discouraged the spread of representative government and beneficial economic development during the Cold War, and provided enhanced opportunities for Russian Soviet intervention to support rebel groups. There was no lasting peace when the Cold War ended with the collapse of Soviet Russia, and the conversion of China from a communist to a capitalist dictatorship.  Instead new more powerful post communist dictatorships rose up in Russia and China, with a world full of authoritarian regimes looking for their unquestioned backing.

So intervention in the Cold War was good, in that it halted the spread of communist dictatorship. It was disastrous in terms of causalities and war crimes. It was disastrous in leaving a world full of authoritarian regimes with societies and economies that have been held back. It is disastrous as the defeated powers Russia and China are merging as stronger promoters of dictatorship in a post communist world, where they are free from ideological barriers. It is disastrous in Western politics, with the dominance among progressives of pacifists who see forceful intervention as self evidently wrong.

They say with near religious fervor, “just look at the terrible history of Western intervention in …… they lied to us …….. their motives were greed not democracy …..”. They should say “just look at the terrible history of Western intervention designed by Western elites in …… Western foreign policy elites lied to us …….. the motives of Western elites who dominate foreign policy were greed not democracy …..”. The conclusion to these questions in this form, is why do “Western progressives” leave Western foreign policy to “Western elites”? Another conclusion is that it is not just Western elites, who lie and have self interested motives. The far-left and far-right in the West are funded and supported by foreign dictatorships to oppose intervention that threatens their power.

So should ask the questions in this form “just look at the terrible history of Western intervention designed and influenced by Western elites and vested interests …… Western foreign policy elites and vested interested have lied to us …….. the motives of Western elites and vested interests who dominate foreign policy were greed not democracy or social progress…..”.

So progressives might then ask, why are elites and vested interests in control of our Western foreign policy? If we do not reject all elites and vested interests (including the ones who pose as radicals) then we are responsible for this terrible foreign policy as well, we cannot just carry on with the pustular,rotting rhetoric of the past.




Syria and the Coming Global Rise Of States Of Mass Killing.

assad_torture_syria_crimes_starve - Copy

[Posted By Lara Keller 10/5/18 Updated 7/7/19] Blog Table Of Contents

No existing or proposed dictatorship has an ideological barrier to going to the Putin and Xi-Jinping regimes for unquestioning immoral support. Syria has shown the elites of the international community are useless. Never again means nothing now.

People should not despair, as the call of the universal is universal. Elites attempt to create absolute separations based on extremist views of economics, class, nationality, religion and political dogma. We all have a sense that our connections link to a universal, which is slow to arouse, but unstoppable when the consequence of walking by are clear.


Jeremy Corbyn [id=40-j13]. Assad Apologists.

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Jeremy Corbyn [id=40-j13]. Assad Apologists.

[Posted by Lara Keller 26/9/18 Updated 16/4/19] anchorTableSmall - Copy Blog Table Of Contents

[Expanded from web page by Kester Ratcliff, Original Source = https://archive.fo/VQXiq]

[Article on range of Assadist opinion see here.]

satirecorbyn - Copy


“Jeremy Corbyn is being openly disowned by his own MPs amid accusations that he has sided with President Assad and Vladimir Putin over military intervention in Syria.” [UK Daily Telegraph,16/4/18] ….

“On Sunday the Labour leader called for a ‘war powers act’ which would seek to ensure that all planned use of force would have to be signed off by the Commons, to hold all future governments ‘for what they do in our name’. He has described airstrikes on Syria as ‘legally questionable’ and refused both to directly blame Assad for the chemical weapon attack in Douma and Russia for the suspected nerve-agent attack in Salisbury.”

The article included some tweets from UK Labour MPs critical of Corbyn’s stance on this topic [LK: Note: Daily Telegraph is a conservative newspaper, whose journalism is accurate but often selective on focus]:

labourMPTweetsDisownSyria - Copy

The UK left-wing newspaper “The Guardian” also covered this story: Corbyn calls for ‘war powers act’ as check on military intervention. UK Guardian Newspaper [15/4/18].

“Asked whether he [Corbyn] would back military action if the OPCW found the Assad regime was responsible for the Douma chemical weapons attack, he said: ‘I would then say, confront Assad with that evidence; confront any other group that may be fingered because of that – and then say they must come in and destroy those weapons, as they did in 2013 and 2015.’ The Labour leader’s critics have questioned the plausibility of achieving a diplomatic solution, particularly one backed by the UN security council, in which Russia has repeatedly used its veto in defence of the Syrian regime. But he called on the UK government to ‘work might and main to bring Russia and the US together on this so that we do get a political process in Syria, as well as the removal of chemical weapons’. He added: ‘it can be done. It’s hard work and it takes patience – but surely that is better than the escalation of this conflict.’ “

Jeremy Corbyn perpetually equivocal attitude may be partly explained by his choice to be briefed about Syria by the Assad regime propagandist the nun Mother Agnes Mariam in November 2013. An event organized by the extremist  Declan Hayes, with the help he claims of the the “British conservative Party”. Hayes associates himself with Katehon, the Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianist fascist website. Mother Agnes was on a world propaganda tour following the Ghouta Chemical Attack in August 2013 – where the Assad Regime outraged the world by murdering 14,000 Syrian civilians with Sarin gas – she used her apparent vocation to give credence to disinformation about this attack —

corbyn2013Assad - Copy

The right-wing UK tabloid Sunday Express newspaper, covered this episode in January 2018, only 5 years later. ‘Dangerous’ Assad apologist claims he briefed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Syria.

Jackson Diehl, Why hasn’t Britain been able to stop Putin? Ask Jeremy Corbyn, Washington Post, March 18 2018. Includes comments on Corbyn’s attitude of obsessively doubting Putin’s use of “Novichok” in a careless assassination attempt by his regime in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn is closely associated with “Stop the War Coalition UK” who are actually only interested in stopping any intervention that might constrain Putin and Assad’s ongoing genocidal war on Syrians. Corbyn was chairperson between 2011 and 2015, and is still an active member. His anti-war activities in support of fake far-left or fake anti-imperialist dictatorships goes back to the 1970s.—

According to left leaning journalist James Bloodworth in the conservative UK Spectator magazine (which also takes some pieces with left-wing perspective) in 2013 wrote:

“The Stop the War Coalition is  a curious organization. It isn’t so much opposed to war as has accrued a sorry reputation for supporting the other side in every conflict it has pretended to oppose.” [Mother Agnes has pulled out of the Stop the War conference. And yet she would have fitted in so well, Spectator,18/11/2013]

The STWC always actively opposes military intervention by the West which it always labels “Western imperialism” and either apologizes or makes token complaints against corresponding “Russian-Chinese” intervention-imperialism. Nato is a favorite target of STWC. That a supporter of such a conflicted nominally anti-war organization could become prime minister of the UK is worrying.

@GCINEWS Tweet on Putin sponsored mentor’s alliance with STWC: Note STWC’s Russian mentor Kagarlitsky in the middle carrying the anti-Nato banner. He’d also been actively promoting Scottish separatism since 2010, if not before. Doing so with a known close Corbyn/STWC associate.

sTWCRussianMentor Kagarlitsky - Copy

STWC defended Kagarlitsky in a statement: StWC Statement on Andrew Gilligan’s Sunday Times Article & Boris Kagarlitsky’s Response – 19/10/16. The “untruths, half-truths and obfuscations” of this stament were then corrected comprehensively by Simon Pirani in Stop calling warmongers “anti-war activists” Kagarlitsky (who runs IGSO and Rabkor.ru) is a supporter of Russian military action in Ukraine, he has been associated since 2014 with Russian fascists (ie Dugin), he has been given grants since 2004 by Putin regime to research left-wing groups and produce propaganda.

@JBickertonUK Tweet on Russian & Assad Flags at STWC 2018 demo. Both Syrian regime and Russian flags at the Stop The War Protest outside Downing Street. Can’t say I’m surprised.

[Note: LK: Assad Regime flags and symbols have repeatedly appeared at STWC demonstrations since 2011. Have not observed as many Russian flags.]

stwcRussianSyrianFlags - Copy

The Stop the War Coalition is more interested in fighting the West than fighting for Syrians. by Peter Tatchell, UK Independent Newspaper, 10/12/2016.

“Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference in October [2016] was heckled by protesters who condemned the organisation – and its keynote speaker, Jeremy Corbyn – for not mobilising against the indiscriminate bombing of Aleppo, and other war crimes, by Syria’s president Assad and his Russian allies. Just before the conference, an open letter to Corbyn, signed by Labour party and Momentum activists, criticised his failure to condemn these war crimes and to push for humanitarian aid to the besieged civilian populations.”

corbynwithSTWC - Copy

During 2016 the attitude of Corbyn and the leadership of UK Labour Party became openly shameful. In February 2016, the UN issued a report describing the political genocide being committed by the Assad regime in Syria, UN report: Syrian government actions amount to ‘extermination’ [UK Guardian 8/2/2016]

“Detainees held by the Syrian government are dying on a massive scale amounting to a state policy of extermination of the civilian population, a crime against humanity, United Nations investigators has said”.

In September 2016 the Assad Regime with Russian airpower started a campaign to retake Eastern Aleppo. In a HRW report (Russia/Syria: War Crimes in Month of Bombing Aleppo,HRW,1/12/2018) the blitz in September and October 2016 was described: The Violations Documentation Center, a Syrian civil monitoring organization, documented that the bombing campaign killed more than 440 civilians, including more than 90 children. Airstrikes often appeared to be recklessly indiscriminate, deliberately targeted at least one medical facility, and included the use of indiscriminate weapons such as cluster munitions and incendiary weapons. Satellite imagery that Human Rights Watch analyzed shows more than 950 new distinct impact sites consistent with the detonation of large high explosive bombs across the area during the month.

By this time the siege of Eastern Aleppo had created an acute food shortage. On the 20th September 2016 Russian aircraft destroyed an authorized UN aid convoy attempting to provide desperately needed resources. While these crimes were being committed in Syria, the superpower supporters of the Assad Regime, Russia and China were continuing to use their veto in the UN Security Council to prevent legally sanctioned international action.

On the 11th October 2016 the UK Foreign Minster Boris Johnson criticized STWC for not protesting outside the Russian embassy in London, probably motivated by the political opportunism of Jeremy Corbyn being a leading member. The response of the Labour Party Spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn was widely reported: Syria: US as much a target for protests as Russia – Labour, BBC [12/10/2016]

“He told journalists that a number of foreign powers, including the UK, were involved in the brutal conflict and Russia should not be singled out. While condemning Russian ‘atrocities’, he said civilians had also been killed by the US-led coalition’s bombings……’There are multiple foreign interventions in the Syrian civil war and we’ve emphasised that there needs to be an end to that and those powers need to be part of a negotiated settlement, which is the only way to stop the conflict.’ ……Asked whether he was suggesting a moral equivalence between US and UK actions against so-called Islamic State and Moscow’s support for the Assad regime, the spokesman said he was not “in the business of allocating blame”…..But he added: “The focus on Russian atrocities or Syrian army atrocities – which is absolutely correct – sometimes diverts attention from other atrocities that are taking place……’The intervention of foreign powers in the conflict has no doubt escalated and fueled it throughout,’ he added.”

This sloppy statement denied the reality that more than 90% of the causalities in Syria since 2011 have been caused by the Assad Regime and its allies, particularly Putin’s regime who has supplied a weapons conveyor to the Assad Regime from the start, as well as bombing opposition areas directly from 2015. Endless peace talks had been going nowhere, while Russia and China used their veto on the UN Security Council to block any enforced international solution. In October 2016 this denial from Corbyn’s spokesman was a clear statement of a strong bias towards Putin’s Regime, and was condemned by some Labour MPs.

This is part of a long preference for the authoritarianism of the Soviet Union and other related dictatorships by Corbyn, which helps to explain his inability to objectively criticize the Putin or Assad Regimes: @TimesCorbyn: This thread will examine chronologically (nearly all) Mr Corbyn’s mentions of: Russia/Soviet Union/USSR in Hansard (1984-1998):

Many comments made by Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons when he was just a far-left fringe Labour MP show that he never believed in the military threat posed by the Soviet Union, from the rule of Stalin onwards, here is an example:

corbynColdWar1990 - Copy

LK: It is understandable to oppose the “Cold War” as a disastrous response to the threat of communist totalitarianism. The West’s approach was ineffective (led to a new Cold War), costly, inhumane, authoritarian (often encouraged viciously brutal right-wing dictatorships) and hypocritical (used as cover to impose obsessive globalized liberalism). However Corbyn like many of the far-left takes the extreme position that the Soviet Union never posed a threat. A stance that he repeated at length in 2011 in a seven page introduction to a reissue J.Hobson’s (1902) “Imperialism: A Study”. Corbyn uses half of the introduction to chronicle imperialism after Hosbson’s time.

According to Corbyn’s hyperbolic rhetoric just after the Second World War the US reoccupied Europe under the “guise of Nato”, and then set out to control the minds of the captured populations (he wrote this in 2011):

corbynIntroImperialism2011pp1 - Copy

Corbyn then continues with a claim that Soviet influence was benignly different. He ignores the reality of the experience of people living in Soviet satellites in Central Europe, Central Asia and Afghanistan. He ignores Soviet propaganda, that privately outsourced foreign policy to its satellites while denying this in public, and so sought to protect its reputation and avoid direct confrontation with the West. The Soviet Union’s policy was to make Cuba totally economically dependent, and a showcase for the benefits of Soviet style authoritarianism. Cuba was very influential in spreading communism, not always successfully, to Latin America and Africa. The propaganda of Cuban so called “independence” included Castro rigging farcical show trials in 1968 for surplus comrades accused of being “microfaction” Soviet agents. Corbyn just repeats the far-left party line below:

corbynIntroImperialism2011pp2 - Copy

Even the mainstream UK Labour Party supporting UK tabloid Newspaper the “Mirror” is baffled by Corbyn’s bias towards Russia. Why does Jeremy Corbyn love Russia so much? It’s not very nice. The Labour leader thinks he’s defending the ideals of the Soviet Union, UK Mirror, 16/3/2018.

“Now, I’m not calling the man [Jeremy Corbyn] a Communist, because he’s clearly a democrat [LK: ?]. I’m not calling him a spy, a double agent, or a traitor because he’s none of those things. He just appears to be someone for whom every day since March 1968 does not seem to have actually happened.”

“Because in August 1968 the USSR sent 250,000 troops to invade and occupy Czechoslovakia because there was widespread public support for ending censorship and liberal reforms; a softening, not an overthrow, of Communism. Around 500 people were injured and 137 killed. That would be enough, you would think, for a reasonable person – Lefty, Righty or otherwise – to dislike the aggressor.”

“It wasn’t enough to convince Corbyn. At the time the USA was busy in Vietnam so there was little international condemnation. And in 1979 the USSR invaded Afghanistan for precisely the same reasons. That time, 2m people were killed in a 9-year war which led to the radicalisation and extensive military training of not only Osama Bin Laden, but all his principal lieutenants, Hook-Handed Abu Hamza and thousands of others who went on to become the Taliban, which is not only still active in Afghanistan but guilty of trafficking, heroin production, massacres and murders of aid workers.”

“Yet on July 6, 2011, Corbyn told the House of Commons: ‘There is a huge memorial movement within Russia today on behalf of those [Soviet soldiers] who are still not recognised for the sacrifices they made.’ He’s criticised the Taliban, but blamed it on the USA when the truth is it’s an organisation born of two superpowers, not one………………………..”

“He has said that he is no supporter of Putin or Russian foreign policy, but he attacks all those who attack Russia. He argued against NATO, the EU, Barack Obama’s foreign policy. He has made the same arguments as Russia when it comes to the attack in Salisbury, and is, like Russia, claiming to be victim of a smear campaign by his enemies. ………………..”

“I can understand why Corbyn loved the Soviet Union. I can stretch that into understanding why he is reluctant or unwilling to recognise its failures, and even his wilful blindness of just what sort of a monster the modern Russia has become under the control of a clever, vengeful, killer.”

“But that multi-billionaire has seized assets and wealth from others. He degrades and denigrates those who have been historically oppressed, his business dealings are so opaque they cannot be properly assessed or taxed, he presides over a state where police brutality is witnessed by 1 in 4 people, he has cracked down on freedom of expression and assembly, he’s helped Syria’s Bashar al-Assad bomb his own people to smithereens, he’s influenced democratic votes and is thought to be in a position to blackmail the current president of the USA.”

“All that remains of the Russia that Corbyn loves is a distrust of organisations of those allied against it. And while once they were anti-Russia for ideological reasons, they are anti-Russia today because that state is run by criminals, thieves, killers, oppressors, anti-democrats and the sort of people who see no reason not to wave chemical weapons around on either a battlefield, hotel, football stadium or civilian street.”

“Jeremy Corbyn is entirely right to demand evidence of all that. The problem is that there is PLENTY, and he can’t see it.”

Corbyn with a group of credulous liberals visiting Assad in 2009, whose regime is one of the fruits of Soviet-Putin foreign influence that Corbyn so admires:

assadPRC2009 - Copy

Jeremy Corbyn And The Left Have Been Shameless On Syria: Solidarity should be with Assad’s people and not the state institutions of Syria itself, Rabbil Sikdar, HuffPost Blog, 18/4/2018:

“As I’ve written before, the handling of Syria by Jeremy Corbyn has been disappointing. He signals to political solutions though Assad has adamantly rejected them where they involve him leaving power. Corbyn mentions UN resolutions as a means of stopping the conflict but the Russians have vetoed everything. He calls for investigations into source of chemical weapons but then ignores their findings where they have incriminated Assad. Rather than explicitly condemning Assad, he says he abhors violence on all sides, drawing some sort of equality in power between a police state and the rebels, and refuses to ever explicitly condemn Assad. It’s a legitimate accusation that his foreign policy is increasingly shaped by an appeasement of the Russian regime. Was Boris Johnson really wrong to call him a ‘useful idiot’ for the Kremlin?”

“There are some in Labour reclaiming humanitarian intervention as a defining principle of Labour and it runs all the way from Clement Attlee to Tony Blair. They have bravely offered their voices in a party swamped by those who prefer inaction to the point of closing their eyes at the genocide of the Syrian people.”

“It’s time to stop listening to the Stop the War Coalition and listen to actual Syrians , like the Syria Solidarity UK and refugees like Hassan Akkad who have been calling for action of some kind against Assad for years now.”